Infopath Submitted to Sharepoint Then Sent to Access Database

I have an Infopath (2007) form that I would like users to submit to a Sharepoint site but I would like the person processing the form to then send the information to an Access database. Is this possible? If so would is it also possible to add some kind of code in the form that once its processed then its deleted fromthe sharepoint site?
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
Yah, hence why Access is not the ideal solution. It is not the backend for any kind of enterprise solution with more than one user.

I have gotten around some of the query issue by relating tables.

Have a parent and then child tables with keys and relations.

That has allowed me to query multiple loosely related child tables.

Just setup a SQL express instance on your computer or some dedicated box.

Another option possibly is which is a hosted solution by

they will host the form and give you the backend database and everything if you are in a hostile IT environment.

Another option is to keep your data in SharePoint lists as long as it is not too big.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
If the users have InfoPath, you could build the form as a database type against the Access Table. (does not work with a browser form)
You could publish it to SharePoint but they would need the Access Database on a public share so that InfoPath could submit to it. looks like if you submit to the SharePoint library that it is possible to link Access to the list.

The deletion and clean up would have to be handled separately.

Best Practice would be to use SQL or even SQL express instead.  You could then build another InfoPath form that would replace the Access Forms and be more performant and shareable/reportable with your enterprise.
spaced45Author Commented:
Thank you for your assistance. Yes, I think doing this in SQL would be best but I do not have the needed rights to build a SQL database. My first attempt was to submit directly to Access which was not a problem. Where I ran into a problem was that I wanted to query for different informaiton within the same database but different table. I actually submitted a previous question that lead to this one. Here is the link:
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spaced45Author Commented:
I forgot to add this. Another important reason for me wanting to do this is the terrible response time when Infopath forms interact with access over a network.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
Another trick I thought of was I have used multiple forms in combination.

Main form works on the main table and then when they drill in I open a second form and pass the record ID and it opens and queries the second table, etc.
When they are done it closes and they are back to the first.
spaced45Author Commented:
YES! I actually considered that as a possible solution. Using one form as a mean of displaying queried information and passing information to another form connected to the database to actually submit or process the information. Great! We are on the same wave length. Here is some additional info that might be able to focus the ideas.

I've been tasked in creating a vaction request process. I have done this before in Access but for a small dept of about 100. Now they are asking that I build something for 300 extra employees. The Access database really is a means of storage. I hate having to use it but they are asking me to make wine out of water here so I have no choice. My goal is to have the users have as little interaction with the DB as possible. Here was my idea now that I know we are speaking the same language.

Employee opens form 1 that is strickly a means of information. For example I would connect a DB query showing them their vacation time summary, taken vaction records and so forth. All of the queries have been already made and I can filter with no problem based on userid. The second form would be the actual form used to submit the information to the DB table holding all the records. Here is a perfect example for you. Employee opens form, they see available dates and then they make the choice. First form then opens second form, first form passes the info over to second form and submits to DB.

Great ideas. Thank you for your assistnace so far.
spaced45Author Commented:
Ummm... I hope I didn't freak anyone out with to much info so if I did I will get back to the barebones.

How can I pass data from one infopath form to another? Forget all the details. Thanks and sorry for all the over enthusiasm.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
Sorry, did not get back to this one.

you would use the xdocument function to reference the InfoPath forms.

I believe there are samples of jscript and VB on

I will see if I can harvest some code out of mine as well.
spaced45Author Commented:
that would be great! Thank you again.
spaced45Author Commented:
Very helpfult
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