Exchagne 2010 OWA "Page Cannot Be Displayed"

Hello Folks,

We have an install of Exchange 2010 and OWA has not been working for several days. When I try to access it with IE, it says "The Website Cannot Display the Page". I am not sure where to start. Can anyone assist?
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Stelian StanIT Services ManagerCommented:
Did you made any changes to Exchange since it was working?
Is the IIS service is started?

You may also check this article too: http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2008/12/31/3406686.aspx
JohnnyD74Author Commented:
Hello Clonyxlro,

IIS is running and I did not make any changes since it stopped working. I will try the article...thanks.
With issues like this, I like to start at https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/

Most likely a DNS change that is affecting your service, if IE cannot display the page.
Can you access owa internally via http://localservername/owa ?
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JohnnyD74Author Commented:
Hello and thank you! it is not DNS as I cannot access intenally or even on the server desktop from http://localservername/owa.
JohnnyD74Author Commented:
This is what I got from the test tool:

Sorry, what about https://localservername/owa

If that doesnt work, try opening a telnet session to localservername 443
Perhaps a firewall issue?

Failing that, what is the internal url and external url set to?
From EMS, run this command:
get-owavirtualdirectory | fl and verify the internal and external url.
If the server is listening on 443 internally, then verify that 443 is forwarding on your router/firewall to the internal server.
If it is not responding internally, then it appears as mentioned by @JohnnyD74 that IIS is having some issues.  Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service by running services.msc > World Wide Web Publishing Service > right-click > restart.

Since Autodiscover failed as well, do you have an autodiscover CNAME setup in your registrar's DNS?
JohnnyD74Author Commented:
Thanks again :-) Even when I am logged on to the desktop of the exchange server and go to https://localservername/owa , I still cannot access. There are no firewalls running on the server.
JohnnyD74Author Commented:
I tried to restart the World Wide Web Publishing service but same problem.
What about the telnet session?  Does it time out or connect?

Try https://internalipaddress/owa
And also, telnet to the internal IP on 443.

Do any of those respond?
Could you post a screenshot of your OWA tab in EMC?
Server Configuration > Client Access > Outlook Web App tab.
See attached screenshot.
If you can connect via the IP address internally, then it most definitely is a DNS configuration issue.  What has changed in the environment recently?

Also, are you still getting mail?  Are there more than one server in the environment?
JohnnyD74Author Commented:

I tried to telnet but got no reponse. Here is a screenshot but I blocked out the addresses for security purposes. http://screencast.com/t/arbSv2rZ
JohnnyD74Author Commented:
We have just one exchange server. I cannot connect with the IP internally and am not aware of any changes recently. I am still getting email via Outlook however.
On the exchange server, can you open a command prompt and do netstat -aon

See if the server is listening on 443.

If it is, then revisit firewall and see if something has been turned on that shouldnt be.
If it is not, then IIS is not working properly, per @clonyxlro
Secondly, if you ping the server does it respond on IPv4 or IPv6?
piyushranusriSystem Cloud SpecialistCommented:
are you trying from IE 7 or 8

please refer this article.
1. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/exchange/en-US/596c1182-8d15-4a4c-99ec-f9300c53b391/exchange-2010-owa-page-cannot-be-displayed-on-ie7-and-ie8?forum=exchange2010

2. To get the standard OWA login page, open ESM,
Expand Admin group and Servers
Expand your Server_name, Protocols, HTTP.
Right click on HTTP virtual server and go to it's properties, check the box for "Enable FBA" and restart your IIS

3.and another thing i would like to restart Microsoft Exchange Forms-Based Authentication service, MSExchangeFBA for short.

please share the output.

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JohnnyD74Author Commented:
Yes...it looks like it is listening as shown: http://screencast.com/t/6IzfZeGgo3q

I tested OWA directly on the server so this eliminates the firewall.
piyushranusriSystem Cloud SpecialistCommented:
did you restart Microsoft Exchange Forms-Based Authentication  service ?

some how i can not browse http://screencast.com/t/6IzfZeGgo3q (due to IS Policy).

and the best effort i will ask you try that..restart the exchange server. because you are saying nothing is changed and IIS config is also not changed.

please share the output
JohnnyD74Author Commented:
Thank you so much! Resetting the exchange virtual directory per your recommended article below did the trick! It works fine now!

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