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comparing specs on a camera

what are the main categories to check/look into when comparing camera?

here are some i thought of.. what else?

Zoom (MP)
lens (if any separate)
High speed vs regular
... what else..

is there a website to easily compare the main features of cameras in one page?
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10 Solutions
Joe Winograd, EE Fellow 2017, MVE 2016, MVE 2015DeveloperCommented:
I've been using this site for many, many years:

Fantastic website for digital camera info and reviews. Regards, Joe
SLR is generally referred to regular film camera where as , D(digital) SLR's cameras allow you to have prints made from the image files they produce.
PS (point and shoot ) are generally a lot smaller than SLR's small enough to fit into a shirt pocket with ease.

I believe you would want to go for DSLRs.

Depends on you want to shoot stills and/or photos you can choose a DSLR make and model.

Lenses: there are block or fixed lenses and zoom lenses. if you are shooting wildlife then you must need a telephoto lens (like 70-200 or more)

HD/Full HD? well if you are shooting Videos, then go for a full hd camera. I recommend cameras like Canon 5D mark III if you have a budget for HD shoot which gives film like (35mm) depth of field for video and amazing stills.

HS vs regular:

24 or 30 fps(frames per second) is enough for regular playback of the shot video. If you want slow motion (high speed) then go for a camera supporting higher speeds also.. like 60fps 120 fps.

Depends on the budget and purpose ( what you want to get out of the camera) you can buy wide varieties and combinations of lenses.

There are many sites where compare and buy option is there but you need to get down to your nearer specs  before which makes it easy to choose among the few.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Here is an excellent article that compares DSLR / Point & Shoot / Mirrorless / Camera Phones on the site Peter Tsai Photography: Which Digital Camera is Right for Me? (2013) – Comparing Mirrorless, DSLR, Point & Shoot, and Camera Phones.

Interchangeable lenses are generally found on SLR/DSLR and Mirrorless cameras only.

Digital zoom does not give as good results as lens zoom.

Megapixels are less important than sensor size, generally greater on SLR/DSLR and Mirrorless cameras than Phone or PS cameras.
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When comparing Zoom powers, note the difference between Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom.

Optical Zoom is actual physical zoom that gives true magnification, while Digital Zoom is no different than enlarging an image with a program like microsoft paint. i.e. I would disregard Digital Zoom specs and even disable that feature in its settings, if possible... if the lens/body combination has any zoom at all, you want real physical zoom, obtained by varying the distances and focuses (foci?) between the optics in the lens[es].
My digital camera won't take good closeups. They are blurry.
I had to use my scanner to get good pics of a coin.
I'm told that when I buy a new digital camera make sure it has a macro mode.
Here is why macro is important.



Your question about CMOS is a good one. There is a diffrence between CMOS and CCD.
Both capture light but CMOS is about 10 times less sensitivity.
Here is a helpful article on that.
25112Author Commented:
thanks for all your good inputs..

it is a hard balance... when you are especially trying to get something like a camera for someone as a gift/surprise..

i have come to see this as a possibility:

now this person (male- mid 30s) takes occasional photo graphs with regular digi cams... do you think this camera would be a steep upgrade for someone considered beginner or novice in photo hobby skills.? if you think so, can you suggest something along the same lines but not as advanced from http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/photo/330405011 please?
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Obviously, the cameras in the second link are point and shoot - and of a lesser image quality.

The first camera, Canon EOS M has a very good sensor size and will take much better still image quality (more expensive as well).

It really depends on you wallet!
Yes, the EOS M takes separate lenses...
if you want a reasonably priced point&shoot with lots (30x) of true optical zoom, check out the Canon PowerShot SX510 HS

That was number 14 in the list when I clicked your 'bestsellers' link, by the way.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Canon PowerShot SX510 HS:       Sensor size       1/2.3" (6.17 x 4.55 mm)       $229.00

Canon EOS M:             Sensor size       APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)       $311.09

For the price difference, I would recommend the EOS M. Much better image quality!
Joe Winograd, EE Fellow 2017, MVE 2016, MVE 2015DeveloperCommented:
You mentioned earlier that you see this as a possibility:

If you're considering the model with the flash, that's $465. For a similar amount of money, take a look at the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, which is on sale for $490 (with free shipping) at Rakuten (Buy.com):

I don't have this camera myself, but a friend does, and the photos from it are excellent. However, I want to do a "+1" on Paul's comment that the cameras in your second link are point-and-shoot – not in the same league as the Canon EOS M or EOS Rebel T3i.

Anyone care to comment about your experience with (or opinion of) the EOS Rebel T3i? Regards, Joe
Joe Winograd, EE Fellow 2017, MVE 2016, MVE 2015DeveloperCommented:
I just received an email from Rakuten/Buy.com with a sale price of $340 on the Canon EOS Rebel T3 SLR Camera with 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit:

I've never had this camera, but just passing it along for your consideration. Note that this is a different camera from the Canon EOS Rebel T3i in my previous post. Perhaps some members who own the T3 or T3i will provide comments. Regards, Joe
Joe Winograd, EE Fellow 2017, MVE 2016, MVE 2015DeveloperCommented:

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