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In our office we have three locations all connected via our VPN router.  Same subnet but different IP address range at each location.

With Windows XP I was able to use file sharing by computer name by opening up the following ports with file sharing in the windows firewall for a desired subnet:

TCP 139
TCP 145
UDP 137
UDP 138

Now using a new / first time Windows 8 computer I find that I can see the other office computer by IP if I type in their name to open shared files it doesn't seem them.  If I open the above ports for all protocols it works.... however I feel that it exposes too much.  I was going to then do the same as I did with XP and only open these ports for file sharing but when I look in Windows 8's firewall there isn't just one file and print sharing setting but rather a half dozen.

How can I set Windows 8's File and Print Sharing as I had in Windows XP?

Thank you.
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
About the Firewall: if you create a new rule of the type "predefined", then you'll have the type "file and Printer sharing" and below it many rules with "SMB" included already in the name.

> Many things I don't understand about the OS... but that is why I have a EE membership  ;)
Hmm... :) although this sheds good light on ee: don't trust forum knowledge too much. There are good pros here, bad pros here and simply "experts" where you sometimes ask yourself " what?".
In the end, you need to master the task and not ee.

Enable file and printer sharing and network discovery in network and sharing center. That should be all.
thandelAuthor Commented:
Thank you, both of those options were enabled previously under Public... off in Private.  Do I need to enable it as well in Private?
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Enable them in the profile you're in. And open port 445 for smb, maybe you forgot that.
thandelAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry but I am new to Windows 8... how can I tell what profile I'm in and what is SMB?

I am to have this working but only if I enable both Private and Public under advance for each of the above ports.  If I try only Private or only Public doesn't work but if both are enabled then it works.  Am I opening up myself with these ports open in this manner?
To be honest: don't mess with these type of settings if you don't know the bare minimum of background information. "What is smb"? - that protocol is what you are trying to use.
To know what network profile you are using, open network and sharing center.

I have to admit that I have no idea why you would need to adjust 2 network profiles while you are staying in one - theoretically this should not be.
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thandelAuthor Commented:
I can't "not mess" with this, as I have to get it working and thus my question to EE.  Many things I don't understand about the OS... but that is why I have a EE membership  ;)

I ask as I'm not seeing an SMB setting in the Windows Firewall.
thandelAuthor Commented:
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