Simple text field question

Hi, I haven't used CR for years and have completely forgotten how to do this.

I have a field on the report which prints a user ID.
This at the moment just dumps first initial and surname like as it is stored in the DB e.g. "auser"

Instead, I would like it to display "A User"

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5teveoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a new formula Field and name it 'Approver' - (any name will do) then

Add formula below.... afterwards drop this formula on report.

Uppercase(Left({UDEF_PR_NARRATIVE.Approver},1)) + ' ' + Propercase(Right({UDEF_PR_NARRATIVE.Approver},length({UDEF_PR_NARRATIVE.Approver})-1))
Try somehting like this...

I used string... just alter to variable of type string
Uppercase(Left('auser',1)) + ' ' + Propercase(Right('auser',length('auser')-1))
What version of Crystal?

As I recall ProperCase was added in the newer versions so you may have to do this as

Uppercase(Left({YourField},1)) + ' ' + Upppercase(Mid({YourField},2,1))  + Mid({YourField},3)

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scriblaAuthor Commented:
Ok, I need a little help here.
At the moment it looks like a text box called "Approver" when I hover on it it says "UDEF_PR_NARRATIVE.Approver (String)"

So to do the above, would I right click that box > format field, and on the Common Tab, click on the X-2 box in the section at the bottom that says "Display String" ?
scriblaAuthor Commented:
Oh sorry CRv10 btw.
scriblaAuthor Commented:
Perfect, bang on!

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