Motorola RemCapture - What am I doing wrong?

We are in the process of replacing our Datalogic Falcons with new, identically configured Motorola MC920N0s running WM 6.5. I received the first 4 last week and I've since set one up with the following changes:

added a wireless profile to the WLAN through the Wireless Companion
configured some barcode decoding options
installed StartUpCtrl v1.6
installed AppLauncher v1.5
configured StartUpCtrl to load DataWedge & AppLauncher
configured AppLauncher to restrict access to only IE
setup the IE start page to our warehouse management system

Everything is working fine on the first device. I then installed RemCapture v.20, unpacked another unit, dropped it in the cradle and used it to create a baseline. With the baseline loaded, I removed the 2nd device from the cradle, reinserted the 1st (configured) device, and created a difference.

So far so good--the problem comes in when I try to deploy the difference. I first put the device from which the baseline was created in the cradle and ran deploy to this. The deployment didn't generate any errors and the looking at the log, it seemed to be doing what it should. I pulled the device from the cradle and did a warm boot and none of the changes appeared to have been made. I performed a few warm boots and cold boots just to be sure. After that, I changed the RemCapture options to use a .cab file for deployment
and created a new baseline and difference and still deployment failed. Then I unpacked a third device, created a new baseline from that, created a new difference from the 1st device and still no luck!

Looking at /Application on the two devices I'd attempted deployment to, I see that there are .cpy and .reg files, prefixed with the difference name, as well as a directory for RemCapture. In startup, I see RCDeploy.exe which I'm assuming is responsible for copying the files as specified in the .cpy file and loading the registry changes from the .reg file.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? WM is one of the few OSes I have no experience with. I've read through the terse Motorola documentation, spent several hours searching the web for related information and I'm still at a loss where to even begin.

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hjgodeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your issue is NOT Windows Mobile related. RemCapture and the way Motorola/Symbol save and restore settings and apps is the cause. And the way RemCapture works or works not.

I assume you loaded RemCapture from This version supports 92000 devices. What is your device model code? MC92N0-G. If so, it is NOT supported by RemCapture. I was unable to find "Motorola MC920N0".

Here is a doc describing how to make installation persistent, that means apps and settings are restored during a CleanBoot of the device:

Possibly you only have to perform a CleanBoot of the device, so the settings and apps are installed by the Motorola system tools RegMerge and CopyFiles automatically using the \Application\ .reg and .cpy file. As the .reg and .cpy file are ascii files you can check there contents and validate.

.cpy In example:
\Application\ScanSamp2.exe > \Windows\ScanSamp2.exe

means that there must be a file called \Application\ScanSamp2.exe and that it will be copied to \Windows during the cleanboot.

RemCapture is able to create these .reg and .cpy files automatically. But I do not know, if it is able to also provide the application files for the \Application dir.

Possibly, if it does not work, you can post the contents list of the \Application folder and the content of the reg and cpy files located in \Application.

A Clean Boot on the MC92N0-G:
To perform a clean boot:
1. Download the Clean Boot Package from the Motorola Support Central. Follow the instructions included in
  the package for installing the package onto the MC92N0-G.
2. Press the primary battery release on the MC92N0-G to partially eject the battery from the MC92N0-G.
3. While the battery is partially released, simultaneously press and release the trigger and the Power button.
NOTE After you insert the battery you have two seconds to press the trigger or left scan button.
4. Push the battery to fully re-insert it in the MC92N0-G. One audible click can be heard as the battery is fully
5. Press and hold the trigger.
6. Connect the MC92N0-G to AC power using the CAM or insert the MC92N0-G into a powered cradle.
7. The MC92N0-G updates and then re-boots.
8. The calibration screen appears.

The device should then process your reg and cpy files.
mikeditAuthor Commented:
I ended up taking a completely different approach altogether and purchasing RhoElements but the advice about the clean boot package was really useful. Thanks!
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