Looking for a tool or app that will allow employees to search other employees within the company directory

As our company is growing, we want to have a tool or app (web base) that will allow our employees to enter a search for another employee by name, and the app will pull up all information about the employee being searched (Name, title, phone, email, ext, etc.). Most importantly, this web app must have the capability for posting photos of the employees as well. We have about 200 employees and are growing rapidly.
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are third party tools that are not that expensive that can help.  Ithicos makes one that seems like it can meet your requirements


Are you using Exchange/Outlook.  The GAL can be a great tool too.


ksolAuthor Commented:
Anything free or cheap that would do the job?
Mike KlineCommented:
Directory search is $249...not a bad price.
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