Antivirus for Windows 2k Server SP3?

I have recently purchased Vipre Business Premium to replace Trend Micro in our office.  I am pleased with Vipre so far, but have encountered one problem during this rollout - I cannot install it on 8 of our servers :(

Vipre provides a Legacy Agent which is compatible with older OS's including Win 2k Server SP4 RU1.  Unfortunately, the server MUST have SP4 RollUp1 for this to work and I have eight 2k Servers which cannot be updated past SP3 without breaking very important ancient applications.  

These machines were running Trend Micro OfficeScan Agent version 10-something, which we can't stand and do not want to renew.  I am curious if any EE peeps are able to recommend an antivirus program which will run happily on Win 2k Server SP3 without hogging resources.

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empower900Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found a user on Spiceworks with a similar situation.  Two offered solutions may be viable, but I have not been able to get anyone on the phone to confirm it works on SP3.  They simply list "Windows 2000 Server" in their compatibility/requirements.

I know ESET is a big name and I have never heard of F-Prot.  It seems ESET can only be bothered by e-mail and the F-Prot people are not answering either at Sales or Support.  I'll post if I get any useful info from these companies.  Meanwhile, I am open to any advice from the elite tech wizards here.
Alan OBrienConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
try the old apps website for Antivirus. Avast 4.8 should still work on win2k if its there.
empower900Author Commented:
Cool site, thanks aobrien32!  I'll look around and see what is available and compatible.  

I hope I'm not being too picky, but I'd really love a business-class product with a centralized management server UI.  It is only 8 machines but I'd really like to have the ability to change scan schedules and settings for all agents in one place, with reporting, e-mail notifications, etc.  

Searching through now.

Edited - I should mention I am definitely willing to purchase software.  The free stuff is great for personal computers but I'd feel a little weird about it on my company's servers, particularly those exposed to the internet.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Why bother with antivirus?  Odds are the current products do not work on a 13 year old operating system.  And if you're not using a current ENGINE AND DEFINITIONS, you're not well protected anyway.

True, something is better than nothing, but I think given the state of technology - 13 year old system that hasn't had updates in years - is hugely at risk even with virus protection.  The correct course of action is to replace the software that requires such an old system in the first place.  I'm sure there's an alternative to what you're using... it may be unpleasantly expensive, but there should be many benefits to replacing the existing TRULY ANTIQUATED product (if it doesn't even support SP4, then the software was likely never even intended to run on 2000 from the start... since the vendor stopped updating it.
empower900Author Commented:
I understand your comments, leew, and expressed them myself when I joined this company.  Unfortunately it is not an option.  We hope to retire them "in the near-ish future," but that has been on the horizon for years.  Comparable applications exist, and we have a variety of them running on newer servers for other clients.  None provide the same adhoc capabilities as this ancient utility.  Our (BIG) clients do not want to move to another solution and we don't feel like ticking them off.  Not my decision.

So I need antivirus for Windows 2000 Server SP3, like it or not.

I would ideally like to find antivirus agents with current engines and regularly updated definitions, zero day protection, all that jazz.  I just need it to run on stone tablets.  Finding this has been a challenge, which is why I have turned to the EE community for help.

I'm hoping for ESET like I mentioned earlier, but have not yet been in touch with their staff.  They only mention the OS is supported but not any specific SP.
empower900Author Commented:
Not yet resolved but will consider this closed here on E-E while I search other online resources.  Thanks and points to aobrien32 for the neat link, those won't work for this specific need but I appreciate your trying to help.
empower900Author Commented:
aobrien32 tried to help, my links and the info found on SpiceWorks is closest to what I need.
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