Huges Net Satellite and wireless Router issues

We have a client with Hughes Net Satellite internet at a large farm house.   They have a Hughes Net HT 1000 satellite modem.

They are having issues with the connection and we are at a loss. There is currently only one MAC PowerBook notebook there that uses the internet.
A few years ago we installed a Netgear Wireless router older WNR3500.  It seems to have been working but now the owner is having problems.  He loses connection to internet and when  he does have connection he in not getting email from his Exchange Server at his office on the MAC  ( the configuration on the MAC seems ok as he gets the email when he is at his other home with a Verizon FIOS internet connection)  All very strange.
Note the owner is not at all computer savvy and doesn’t explain what all happens very well to help us help him.

I tested when I went onsite with the MAC and with my Dell Latitude E56520 notebook (Win 7 Pro )  It seemed that the connection was slow on the Windows notebook  2down/ .3 up  that’s   “.”   The MAC sometimes lost connection and can’t even get to the full web page to run speed test.  Regardless of wirelessly or hard wired to the Netgear in an Ethernet port on it. They are supposed to get15donw and 2 up but know that is not realistic all the time but 2/.3  is not good at all.

The latency test is like 800ms which Hughes agrees is slow but “normal” for Satellite.
When talking to Hughes Net I plugged directly into the one port on the HT 1000 and same things and symptoms. Slow speed test or MAC not connecting to speed test web site at all.  Hughes Net told me that the HT 1000 and speed was bad so they are sending HT1100. A newer model.    Hughes Net also said they don’t support wireless and pretty much don’t have any help for connecting a wireless router behind the HT1000 modem.   Also they seemed confused when I talked about DHCP and DNS setup on the HT 1000 and the Netgear.  

The owner is at the house and the new HT1100 came but he says it doesn’t work, has a read problem lite on it or the interface not really sure what he means.   Told him to try plugging into the HT 1100 and taking Netgear out of mix.  Says no good but went back to plugged into the HT1000 and he gets no web pages but getting his MAC   emails but not Exchange.  Just nuts.   He also said Hughes Net may send someone out to the farm (middle of nowhere sort of) and find a router that works with the HT 1000 or HT1100.  I think there is more to this and not sure what Hughes Net talking about.
We have a couple of Netgear Pro Safe FVS318 wireless routers there they can use but he can’t setup himself. I hate satellite and Wi-Fi!

Anyone have any experience on setting up a wireless router behind a Hughes Net 1000?
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If the new device arrived and has a red indicator light, that's likely a problem with the hardware.  Another possibility is that the dish itself is not properly aligned.  I had an issue where I was intermittenly dropped by my carrier, Excede (WildBlue), and the technician was able to come out and realign the dish which helped tremendously.

A router can be plugged into any modem and should deliver all services, some services that depend on low latency connections (such as gaming) are all but impossible on a satellite connection.  In all likelihood there's nothing wrong at all with the router, unless its old age that's creeping in on it.   But all the problems should be resolved when plugging directly into the modem, if its not, then that's a service provider issue.

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to2007Author Commented:
Hughes is sending a tech but I don't know when. The owner has to call to setup.  Huges just told me it all tests out ok and they said they see either a tourte or an Apple computer plugged into the HT1000 modem.  Boss took the Ht 100 new one out of mix since he said had red light.

Hughes just told me that the dispatch that boss/owner setup earlier today refers to problem with outdoor unit!  They said that it could cause intermittent connection.  That makes sense based on your comments as well.

ON the latency issue, do you know anything about how Mac computer Entourage  connects through internet to the Exchange server and causes it to not connect?  The MAC worked fine at a location with FIOS internet

Would really help if boss could answer a few questions !  Flying blind here

to2007Author Commented:
meant either a router or Apple computer in above
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There should be diagnostics available from the HT1000/1100's monitor (on windows computers it appears in the System Tray; no idea about apple/mac) that can tell if the problem is with dish alignment or not.

The boss seems to have eliminated the wireless by hooking directly to the HT unit, so sniffing around with a program like inSSIDer to look for interfering networks recently installed is probably not needed at this time.
to2007Author Commented:
The problem is the boss doesn't want to deal with this and I am 4 hours away.  I also can't imagine that there is any interference with another SSID as this is a 900 acre farm with no one nearby.  Although they do have Direct TV for TV as they partner with Hughes Net.  But not sure if that would cause any interference.

I am also curious if anyone knows abut MAC/Entourage connection to an office Exchange server and hat may be affected by latency on the satellite connection that Hughes Net tells me is normal with satellite internet
Another method that you could use, and I do this for my customers, is to use a remote control solution so that you can troubleshoot from afar.  The particular solution I'm using is called TeamViewer and I have the customer download a quick support app, run that and then provide me the password.  I can then remote to their system and solve most problems without having to travel needlessly.
to2007Author Commented:
I agree, we use Citrix Go To Assist to do remote support for customers all day long.  If we can't get a good internet connection we can't use remote support tool.  That was first thing we always think of.  In this case just not possible.
to2007Author Commented:
ok all

We had a third party tech from a local Hughes Net partner sent out to the site.  It appears that the install outside the building was crap.  They didn't use weather proof connectors on the outside.  The ground wire from dish/radio  to ground was corroded.  All kinds of things the tech said would cause flakey on and off connections and horrible slow  speed.  

The tech was nice to patch it up and quote what cost to fix install would be and more importantly he configu3ed the new Netgear Prosafe FVSA318 wireless routers we had left there!   Great guy. So it shows that you never know what causes the problems!  Giving credit to everyone who helped.

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