Windows 8 MSVCR71.dll

Windows 8 fails to load the exe with a message indicating that the MSVCR71 cannot be loaded even though it is in the application folder.

The run-time files were created on a Windows 7 system.

Do I need a different version of MSCVR71.dll for Windows 8.
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please respond or finalize it, this question is growing old :)
And the dll is supposed to be found out of the box? Was it registered using regsvr32.exe?
TomPreenAuthor Commented:
It was included with the runtime files and the user did not report any errors when running setup.

However this dll must reside in the same folder as the application exe

Initially this was not the case as the application and associated files were supplied as separate entities.

The user is upgrading from XP to Windows 8 and this setup procedure worked without problem.
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Trying to help, I asked questions. Please answer those.
Did you register it?
Is it supposed to work like this, or are those separate entities not supposed to work together/no one can confirm they should?
TomPreenAuthor Commented:
Windows setup handles any registration of DLL's that is required.

Specific registration of DLL's is never required.

VFP9 provides Installshield as an application which creates the necessary installation Windows
Setup exe.

Do you have experience of installation of VFP applications or do I need to add tags to ensure my question is picked up by someone that does.
No VFP experience, sorry. Just asked because your setup was not quite clear - most important, we still don't know if it is supposed to work this way, so if others are able to use it on win8.
You can always select your own comment/solution.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
1: >Specific registration of DLL's is never required.

2: >VFP9 provides Installshield as an application which creates the necessary installation Windows
Setup exe.

Statement 2 is true, but statement 1 not, installshield generated setups don't automatically register DLLs needing registration, you can configure Installshield for automatic COM detection in DLLs and OCXes, but you should rather manually set DLLs for registration. Anyway MSVCR71.DLL is one of the DLLs you don't need to register at all (see MSVCR71.DLL either must be installed into SYSWOW64 or into the same folder as the VFP exe. You may also install into Microsoft Shared, but then of course need to register it. It doesn't contain any COM Servers, though as far as I know, that's also a reason it's not autodetected for registration.

An old setup may not work on Win8, if it installs into System32, though Win8 downward compatibility will redirect writes to System32 to SYSWOW64 for 32bit setups, but not if you suggested to your clients to turn User Account Control Off, for example, or if you use a new 64bit version of Installshield to install 32bit software. Windows has no way to detect whether the installed software needs libraries or runtimes in System32 or Syswow64 and older versions of setup generating software obviously also can't know windows mechanisms for downward compatibility. In the light aof all this It's always best to install anything your app needs into it's folder in one place, this is also what MS recommends in regard to DLL hell. There are new concepts for assemblies, the global assembly cache, but that's .NET, not VFP stuff.

This has all been done very unsatisfactorily by MS, but in the end you may have bitten yourself.

Bye, Olaf.
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