auto play a mp4 video from cd

how can i play automaticly a .mp4 video that i need to burn in a cd
tsm you guys
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Ashok DewanConnect With a Mentor FreelancerCommented:
You can create autorun.inf file. place this autorun.inf file with .mp4 video whether in pendrive or cd.  inf file will execute that file while plugging pendrive or cd.

check below sites for knowldege, how to make autorun.inf file.
Ashok DewanConnect With a Mentor FreelancerCommented:
OR find free softwares on with name "autorun creator or autorun maker". you will get know more.

see below software, I hope it will help you.
ErnestoAuthor Commented:
code code
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ErnestoAuthor Commented:
need it to run in windows and mac
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MP4 beautiful quality but!!
To get an auto run that will run on Mac windows as well
consider uploading it to youtube and share only with certain friends family

Use  the free DVD Flick and make a  VCD if the mp4 is below 700 megs
if it's over that size make a  AVCHD,using your DVD burner such as Power Director Nero or similar
A good quality DVD use windows 7 inbuilt DVD maker free
DVD Flick open source
DVD Flick guide
A true DVD will play on any TV windows Mac etc.
ErnestoAuthor Commented:
just wan't a nice autorun.ini configuration to run my cd.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Everyone, AutoPlay and Autorun is two very different actions.
One is PLAY one is RUN.
As far as I know the cmd line " Auto Run" cannot be applied to Play!!! an  MP4 video file.
An application + player Menu would need to be added as an .exe and the inf would point to that player to play the mp4 automatically when inserted in the rom drive.
check these to see what I mean
menue apps for autorun cd

As you know to setup windows to auto play a disc when inserted go to control panel all control panel items AUTOPLAY
An AUTORUN text is read by windows
It tells windows to run it >>  like A program file.
To my knowledge you can't make an autorun to  auto open and play an mp4 on a CD without an embedded player or menue or authored to VCD.
How would it play with what?

You can test this yourself but make sure there is no spaces with the letters
Create a new .txt named autorun.inf
inside the text type
I tested it on a USB and does nothing no matter what I put in the inf.
my Auto run on USByou could just use DVD Flick to author it to a DVD set a default DVD player and it will open and play
In windows 7 you can use the free inbuilt tools
How to make a Windows AutoPlay CD

How to create a CD autorun file different types

How to Make an Autorun CD with pictures

Youtube video
How To Make An Autorun CD
Hope that helps you.
As I see it these are the only true methods to create an auto run mp4 video file.
Video proprietary codecs also come into play here, and DVD roms are designed to read VCD/DVD in a certain manner that does not contravene these proprietary codecs.
Take mpeg for example it is owned by the motion picture experts group, this is the default codec used in DVD structures. They are converted to vobs with ifo and bup files so that when the laser reads it it uses the header ifo lead in and lead out ( menue options)
When these are applied the VCD or DVD will play from any rom drive Mac Windows Windows, A tv DVD player and so on.

Putting an auto run text on a USB stick is an alternative since it doesn't follow the same propriety as no laser is involved.
Using AutoRun with USB flash drives
If you place an Autorun.inf file in the root folder of a CD or DVD and the Autorun.inf file contains an OPEN command pointing to a program file (e.g. OPEN=MYAPP.EXE),
the program is launched automatically when you insert the CD/DVD in a drive.
But if you place the same Autorun.inf file and program file on a USB flash drive and plug the drive into a USB port in a computer, the program will not start automatically.
 Instead is a Windows menu shown, which contains a list of actions (options) that you can choose between to handle the USB drive.
Source, explains the different methods
Using AutoRun with a USB Flash Drive (USB stick)
Any progress?
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