Exchange 2007

I have sbs2008 sp2 and exchange 2007.
All mailbooks work fine.
In one mailbook i get the new mail only if i get out of the client (outlook 2010) and returen.

sombody have an idea?

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Lior KarasentiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sound like a corrupted mailbox,
I think your best option is to export the mailbox to PST delete it and create new one and import the PST to the new mailbox.
Lior KarasentiCommented:
Is it new mailbox or old? Did you try test it in OWA?
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Is the Outlook client set up to use cached or online mode?
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shir-ronAuthor Commented:
online mode
owa works fine but on another mailbox; this one is corupted
Is your Exchange 2007 server on at least SP3? Updated again to Roll Up 11?
shir-ronAuthor Commented:
fix already
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