Deleting EDB file

I am logged in to Exchange server 2010, with domain admin account which is member of the Exchange Organization Management Role.

when i go to C:\program files\Microsoft\Exchange server\v14\mailbox
there is an edb file (Recovery.edb)when I try to delete it I get the message "Acccess Denied".

it is not related to any database, there used to RecoveryDB database ,but has been removed.

I am not sure if there is a way to delete the .edb file

Thank you
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Satya PathakConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Before ran this command database would be in dismounted.

Remove-MailboxDatabase -Identity “Name recovery Database”

Hope it help.
Vijaya Babu SekarConnect With a Mentor Associate Ops ManagerCommented:
You can try to after some time.

Make sure Recovery DB is dismounted state or deleted from Exchange

other wise you can stop\restart the Exchange information store service. then you can try, it should deleted.

ash007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to stop Information store service to delete the .edb file
jskfanAuthor Commented:
The Database was dismounted and removed through powershell, but the EDB file is still there
jskfanAuthor Commented:
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