Share and network not visible or accessible over VPN - SBS 2008

I have a new (1 and only) remote user who connects to our SBS 2008 via VPN - For some reason he can't see anything on the network when connected and in particular a NAS drive which is the main share for this user.

I can ping the NAS when connected to the VPN and also open the browser control panel. I've turned off Windows firewall but this hasn't made any difference.

Weirdly, when the user is connected onsite he can access the shares without problem

any suggestions welcome, it's doing me nut in!
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Browsing the network does not work in most cases over a VPN.  Browsing relies on NetBIOS broadcasts which are not routable and can therefore not be routed to remote clients such as when using a VPN.  This will work if you have a WINS server at both sites which replicate, but that is not an option with a VPN client.  You are usually best to access with the IP such as \\\Share name, or doing the same to map a drive, though using names if DNS is properly configured on the client will work fine.
MadPCAuthor Commented:
Perfect - As easy as putting the ip address/share and all is well

Thank you!!
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