Software on Terminal Server Freezes while session remains functional

Throughout the work day a few users working from our Terminal Server will experience freezing issues. A few being 1 - 3 users out of 60 users. There are 3 remote sites that vpn into the main site via sonicwall to access the terminal server and the internet. 85% of all tasks are performed on this terminal server live (which hosts our Electronic Health System) throughout a standard work day.

The Medical Software being used is comprised of modules. A specific module of the program will freeze halting only that module. Other modules in the software continue to work just fine, as well as all other applications available to them in there remote session. The user would have to either wait 5 or more minutes before the software allows them to continue, or I will have to login to the terminal as admin and kill the module.

I heard of the issue first, from a user working in a remote site, and then a few others from another site. I though it may have been an offsite issue until someone chimed in with the same issue from the main site (where the TS is located).

A user who has had the issue working at a remote site, came to work at the main site one day, using another laptop, and has froze there too. Another user uses the same laptop without any issues. This users program (module) on the terminal server has almost always froze after being disconnected from the TS for a few seconds, when everyone around her always connects back smoothly.  She is not the only one to have experience this issue, but she's the one who has been able to call in about it when it happens. Doctors, or check-in clerks cant call in about it every single time. One lady working checkin told me it was just easier for her to log off and back on when it happens, then to have to call. Which was strange to me as a previous user would tell me that logging off and back on will bring her back to the issue.

After moving the user to a second TS, she has had no issue, but moving her back, even with a new account, she freezes again. The users are being affected 1-4 times every so few days a week.

This issue just recently presented itself. Everything worked just fine until recently. All that changed was occasional software and database updates, not sure about Windows updates as that was automatic. We also, during a power outage, unplugged our switch, hub, and sonicwall from the wall and plugged them into our UPS 620, not sure if that could have anything to do with it.

What could the matter be?

Windows Server 2008 R2
Service Pack 1
Intel Xeon
RAM 32.0 GB

Client runs Windows 7 RDP
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Firstly I'm assuming you've rebooted your RDS?

Is the RDS running directly on a physical machine or virtual?

If physical, is the hardware up to date in terms of vendor drivers and firmware, especially the NIC?

Perform a CHKDSK on the RDS, it will run in read only mode and can be run during the day. Does it complain about disk integrity problems?

Chances are either you have an issue of one of the points listed above, or you have incompatible software which is not designed for an RDS environment.

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RapahannockAuthor Commented:
Thank you,

RDS is running on a physical machine. I restart this machine weekly. I just recently updated the NIC drivers.

I will run a CHKDSK on the RDS.
RapahannockAuthor Commented:
Led me in the right direction.
RapahannockAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I was unaware of the grading criteria and will keep it in mind in the future.
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