Unable to connect to office.com

We have some users who are able to access office.com from within MS Office applications, while others are not. Those who cannot get this message:
Unable to connect to office.com
-A user opens Word, clicks on File > New, and wants to select a category under the Office.com Templates heading. When she clicks on the template group she wants, she gets the above message.
-Another user opens any Office app and presses F1 to get into office.com help, and gets the same message.
-We've investigated and have ruled out the firewall and the actual MS Office installation as causing the problem; nor does it appear to have any correlation with whether a user is a local admin on the machine, or a member of the domain administrators group -- we have tested with two domain admins: one has the problem, the other does not.

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sjcallenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After deeper investigation by our network admin, this did turn out to be a firewall issue. Resolved.
Try opening internet options  ----> advanced tab ---> Click "Restore advanced settings" and ---> click "Reset" ----> Click ok and close and reopen.
sjcallenAuthor Commented:
Points of clarification:

-- My users who are 'unable to connect to office.com' for templates from within MS Office are able to browse to office.com / office.microsoft.com on the web and download single templates.

-- My test user who is unable to connect to office.com as described above on her computer, was also unable to connect to office.com when I had her log into my computer -- while I myself have no trouble on my computer. So, on the same computer: one user can connect to office.com while another cannot.

When my test user is available, I can try restoring advanced settings and/or resetting IE to default settings as suggested by comfortjeanius, but -- does anyone know for sure whether resetting IE applies changes for all users of the computer, or only the user who is currently logged on?
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
please ignore - it's my error
sjcallenAuthor Commented:
The one solution offered seemed unlikely to solve the problem. Our network admin was still looking into the issue, and finally found the firewall issue that was causing the problem.
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