m4v burned to DVD

I have 6 m4v format movies I would like to burn to DVD.
I have several multimedia programs; including Nero.
How can I do this, please!

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Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Looks like you are trying to convert a DRM protected m4v (from iTunes?).
As you can see in the log, there are 5 streams (3 video, 1 audio and 1 subtitle) and ConvertXtoDVD ignores stream #2: Video: none (drmi / 0x696D7264), 1908x792, 4275 kb/s

That is the actual movie, but it's protected.

I don't think we can discuss here (on EE) ways to remove DRM protection.

Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
A very easy method, but not free, is ConvertXtoDVD: http://www.vso-software.fr/products/convert_x_to_dvd/

Download the trial and see if it fits your needs.

GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Dan: ConvertXtoDVD does not seem to work. I have created 2 DVD files (VOB) for movies. I have 4 remaining which are MPEG4 (m4v) format. Unless I am doing something wrong, it will not convert the m4v files correctly. I have contacted their tech support to see what they say. (Because it worked on other files, I purchased it; I have asked the company to refund my purchase if this problem cannot be solved.)

I have looked in many places, and it appears that the VSO product is one of the best.
I am disappointed; but hopeful.
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
When you drop the m4v files into ConvertXtoDVD, is the preview shown?

Try dropping a single m4v file, then press the "Convert" button. That should, by default, create a dvd structure in "Documents/ConvertXtoDVD/<name>" and then ask for a blank DVD.

If that works, then the problem can be solved. Post the log from your custom project that fails and we'll see what went wrong.

GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I successfully converted and burned an mp4 movie into VTS; but when I attempted to do the same with an m4v movie, the enclosed files will show that it crashed; within less than 1 minute the conversion reached 99.7% (abnormal) and froze "rendering chapters" at which point everything seems to have locked up. I am also enclosing the logfile.

MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi GadgetDude  mpeg is the default codec for DVD.
Once authored to a dvd structure it's converted to Vobs.
Your m4v file format is a video file format developed by Apple and is very similar to the MP4 format. May I ask where you got them?
Just to determine if they have DRM?
Take a look at wilki to familiarize you with the format
Testing a sample in my Nero Vision it won't accept mv4
But they will add ok in windows moviemaker windows 7
version 2012 nd video card drivers up to date for this to work
WMMSave movie burn to DVDWMM is real easy to use
Drag and drop your clips on
wait till you see them populated ok, you might see a progress bar at the bottom left
then go to file save movie select Burn a DVD, so you need a blank DVD-r ( burn speed x4) or (x8) no faster
 in the DVD rom drive prior ( finalise the disc always for DVD)
It will convert your clips/save it then it will open windows DVD maker and you select your top menue, it's that easy
I'll have to show you in video since I don't have enough mv4 to show you

 they work fine in DVD Flick as well
DVD FlickDownload DVD Flick it's an open source DVD authoring tool includes everything to burn your movies to dvd, you need a blank DVD in the rom prior remember to buy blank DVD-r with a burn speed x4 or x8 for DVD slower is better
Read the manual first as you need to setup the DVD type set once. Guide included
 ( finalise the disc always for DVD)
A video guide provided by the best in youtube
Making A DVD With DVD Flick
Good Luck
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

I don't appreciate today's screwball mentality where, when you have a "newbie" question, you are falsely accused of doing something intentionally illegal. (So much for "Fair Use" on something purchased. I am upset. In Peace, I will say no more. Case closed. Goodbye.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
GadgetDude, no one accused you of anything. I simply stated that you have a DRM protected m4v (from your log) and that I don't think we're allowed on EE to discuss methods on circumventing that.

I'll post this as an objection, so a moderator see this. If it's allowed, we can continue to help you.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
There will be no further comments save this final one: I don't appreciate being accused of doing something illegal when that was not my intent. So much for the BS of "Fair Use.'
Wanting to make a copy of a DVD I purchased so that I could keep the original safe. I despise being falsely accused. I have had that happen to me 3 times in my life; and in point of fact, I was exonerated on all counts! The people either outright lied or were misinformed. Making judgments and accusations before they have all the facts.

On this matter, no further comments will be made, accepted nor answered. I have had my final say!
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
No one talked of legal/illegal, right/wrong, except GadgetDude.

You posted a technical question that the TOS of this site (that we all accepted) does not allow us to answer.

Yup, case closed :)
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