Is Exchange 2010 worth upgrading to from Exchange 2007? Why or why not?

Is Exchange 2010 worth upgrading to from Exchange 2007?  Why or why not?  Just looking for insights from real people who've upgraded.  Thanks.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The main reasons clients have been upgrading are two fold.

OWA - it is getting much closer to the Outlook functionality and I have sites where it is the primary interface - particularly sites with high Linux and Mac clients.

High Availability. You can do HA with standard edition of Exchange, and if you are happy to go to Windows 2012, standard edition of Windows (requires Enterprise edition of Windows 2008 R2). That makes HA a lot cheaper and easier than on 2007.

Some clients went for it due to the native archiving as well, and I have done a couple of jobs where it was done to get hybrid support with Office365 (so some clients can be left on site and others go to the cloud).

LB1234Author Commented:
I hear 2010 OWA is much better, is that so?
Exchange 2010 is much better than 200. Check this link below for everything you need to know -
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