SQL Express 2008 and multiple user access


I want to create a database in SQL Express 2008 that can be accessed by multiple people at the same time. Will the Express edition allow me to install it onto one computer, while multiple people from multiple people access the data? Or, is the Express edition limited to a single computer and single user access from that same computer?

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lcohanConnect With a Mentor Database AnalystCommented:
That will work - there are some limitation in Express edition but in functionality:

jhiebAuthor Commented:
I assume the multi-instance support entries are the ones I am to look at? Please confirm this is the entry. Also, do you know what the limits are for multi instance? I am hoping to be able to access the SQL Express server up to 5 times and onto at least 5 machines.
SQL Server is a server system - you write software to connect to one (or more) installs, but you do not need to have multiple installs because you have multiple users. Unlike a product like Access, which really does not handle multiple simultaneous gracefully, all versions of SQL Server are designed for use by multiple simultaneous users. For more info about the various Express versions: here.


jhiebAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I thought Express might be limited by the specific workstation. It's nice to know you can have multiple instances on multiple machines connecting to a central SQL server even if it is the express edition.
Multiple instances of what??? You only need one copy of SQL Server on one machine, and your front-end programs all connect to it overa network.  You _can_ have multiple installs of SQL Server on one machine, or multiple installs spread over a network, and get them to communicate, but normally you don't need to.  

Wwhat are you trying to achieve in the end?
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