Is that possible to run XMBC Media player via Linksys Router EA6900 ?

Hi ,

I want to play XMBC (Add on NaviX) without connecting my laptop in the TV .
I intend to buy Linksys Router EA6900 , which supports DLNA Certified Media Server
Easily search for and play media (video, music, images) across the network.

So if XMBC can run with Linksys Router EA6900 , I do not need to buy Raspberry pi XMBC solutions.  If there is any other alternative solutions, please feel free to suggest.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well the XBMC is open source and uses Linux / Frodo OS  with OpenElec build as mention, you don't need to use your Laptop really.
With the Raspberry Pi you can play mp4 and mpeg and avi it gives you a menue like this
Other than that it is basically a media port so that you can play different video formats.
A USB drive works in the same fashion, but the difference is it doesn't have a media center inbuilt like openElec  but rather uses the TV inbuilt media center,
When you plug in a USB HDD with mpeg or divx avi ( TV supported video) on board into your TV USB
put the TV on to USB source then a menue with choose from Video Picture music similar to XBMC
When you choose either one of these you can watch only video.
So in this case you choose video then the menue appears of all the current supported video on the HDD.
Take a look at what I wrote up here on EE
and here
Features and supported formats
I use a Raspberry Pi to show how it works I did take some photos to share with others.
This is before I bought a case for it.
I also don't stream live TV or anything.
For mp4 I just a use a USB stick that holds a couple of movies.
You'll need a keyboard and or mouse since the PI only has two USB ports one for USB drive and one for either mouse or keyboard. I use this rubber keyboard
Raspberry piRaspberry Pi components
Raspberry pi componentsRaspberry Pi menue
Raspberry pi menueHere is the menue from a USB HDD. Western Digital
USB drive Menu plugged straight into the TV, remember most TV only support mpeg and divx avi Xvid Avi not mp4
USB drive menu
If you need to know anything else ask away.
helpfinderConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
I do not think you can run xbmc on your router. If router supports DLNA it's one think, but from where you want to play the content? If your point is play your movie/tv shows/music collection on your TV there is several options. (DLNA, NAS support, TV support, ...)
Regarding XBMC - I have experience tonrun it on RaspPi (B model) and it's really nice and smooth. I prefer OpenElec, but xbcm based for raspi are also raspbmc and raspbian. It's possible to power it from yout TV USB port (so raspi is started always when TV starts and powered off in she same time as TV what's nice), also mostly remote controller works with it and on Android there is a xbmc remote controller app which is very handy.

Maybe if you describe more detailed what do you expect from the solution and whats your infrastructure Experts could help you more accurate
sivakuganAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the answer. Currently I am playing XMBC from laptop. Before posting this, I googled and found that Raspberry pi is a good solution that prevents connecting laptop with TV.  However , I have no idea how that works. I am not going to stream any videos.

I would like to watch the videos only those are available from XMBC. Is there any pre-build package for raspberry pi with XMBC  media and remote control? also wondering, How XMBC is better than Windows Media Center?
helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
So I guess just online streams. That's possible with xbmc and its plugins. There ia an OpenElec build based on XBMC for RasPi which is working well. System is running from SD card (so faster is better), but I recommand use USB flash drive as storage what makes system more responsive and faster.
I am surr there are differences between XBMC and media center google can tell us, at least media center will need run windows machine (pc, ntb, htpc) and for xbmc raspberry pi is enough - small box with small power consumption.

And how Rasapi works - you connect ethernet to raspi and using HDMI TV as well. On SD card raspi has operating system (openelec) which you prepare on PC and basically that's it. Then you just customize it
Nice. I love a good "caseless" hardware project.    ; )
Actually you can buy the raspberry pi complete these days with case cables XBMC installed
If it helps
In this guide we show you how to turn the Raspberry Pi into a micro media center that will play your whole media library for under $45 shipped to your door.
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a full featured XBMC Media Center in an hour or less

My opinion>No  too complex probably and why need to>Is that possible to run XMBC Media player via Linksys Router EA6900 ?
sivakuganAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your nice answers.
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