Attempt to dl dell d620 drivers gives the following message: see question Backround on this?

Hi, I get this message upon attempt to get the drivers.  Why is system detect necessary?

ISO creation in progress
We're sorry there is an issue with the dell system detect installed. Please uninstall and try again Return to Drivers Home Page.
“ Dell System Detect is experiencing an issue with Internet Explorer 8. Please retry using another browser or an updated version of Internet Explorer.” Drivers Home Page

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akahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You download the drivers one by one, just the ones you need.  There's no need to make an ISO, or download system detect.

I am having no trouble downloading drivers from that link.

Go to the link.
Scroll down to where it says "Expand all categories," and click on "Expand all categories."
Next to each driver or other file, you'll see a link that says "download file."
When you click on that link, it begins downloading the file, and prompts you to save it to your hard drive.

Download the ones you need; ignore the ones you don't need.
lewisoAuthor Commented:
I could use some help with assigning topics for this question.  Thks.
Please explain step by step exactly what you're doing in your attempts to obtain the drivers, so we can see if perhaps you're going wrong somewhere.  You should be able to just go to, enter the type of system for which you're downloading drivers, and download them.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here they are - don't forget to select your OS first!
lewisoAuthor Commented:

That's the same page i've been at.  When i select the drivers i want, depending on which route i select, i either can go direct to dl or to create iso - eitehr way it wants to dl and install dell system detect.

Haveyou actually been able to dl anything going ahead with that link?

Thanks, lewis.
lewisoAuthor Commented:
Hi, I should mention that i have been able to dl the drivers one by one; maybe that's all i'll be able to do?
sure - no problems
i expand Audio, and select download
lewisoAuthor Commented:
Ok, I forgot that I had gotten some of them one by one, and was now hoping to do it all in a batch.   But really I guess i'm lucky to get them at all.

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