How do I disable/hide/remove jquery tool tips on my page?


How do I disable/remove jquery tools tooltips?

Entities on my screen change dynamically based on user interactions.
I'd like to be able to remove or disable tool tips in certain instances.

Or is there away to enable/disable tooltips?

What is the best way to do this?

jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAsked:
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dejaanbuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i think you can call  this.getTip().hide();
Chris StanyonCommented:
Assuming your mean the jQueryUI Tooltips:

//add tooltips to all elements with a class of 'tooltip'
$( ".tooltip" ).tooltip();

//disable the tooltip for an element with an id of #element1
$( "#element1" ).tooltip( "option", "disabled", true );

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jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I believe I am using "jquery-tools" library. I will try your suggestion though.
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Chris StanyonCommented:
Not sure you can do it with jQuery Tools :(
Neil_BradleyWeb UX/UI DeveloperCommented:
Are the tooltips added to all of the links on your page or only select few? Are the tooltips activated by a class on your links? If so would not removing this class disable the pop up tooltip?
Neil_BradleyConnect With a Mentor Web UX/UI DeveloperCommented:
Hi dejaanbe,
aside from the jquery have a look at the code on the actual "a" tag. It might look something like this:
<a class="tooltip" title="My title tag that pops up in the tooltip" href="some url">

In this instance the tooltip attaches itself to the "a" tag via the class "tooltip". Remove this class and the tooltip is disabled.
PS: You may have something other class on the "a" tag. Have a look and see what you can find..
PPS: Maybe a link to your web page would help us?
jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi dejaanbe:

I think your solution is approaching something I can use.

However .getTip() is coming back as undefined.

Can you give an example of how this would/should/work?

I try something like this, where ".divInventoryPrice' has a tooltip associated with it.
So if I call:

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I get the following error message:
TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getTip'
jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAuthor Commented:

I just figured it out:

If I add the following to my ToolTip initialization, I can control
the visibility of tooltips:

true --> Show ToolTip
false -->> Don't Show ToolTip

onBeforeShow: function(b, e){
      return false;

Both your answers got me thinking and digging a little more.
Thanks for the replies.

sorry, i couldnt help u since i was on leave..Glad u have solved it urself
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