Send Recurring Meeting Reminder Email in Outlook

Have a client that never remembers our weekly meeting.  I'd like to send out a reminder email each week one day before the meeting that reminds them of it.

Anyone know how to achieve this.  I Google'd it but mostly found solutions that will stop once the person responds to the reminder.  Which isn't exactly what I want.
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ezekielseyesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess it is probably better and easier if we try to find a solution on the user's computer.
I assume that you have set up a reminder for your weekly meeting. This means that this reminder should actually take care of reminding her every week right before the meeting (you could change the reminder time to 1 day for example - so it is received the day before the meeting).
I guess the user is forgetting about the meeting because of the well known Outlook issue that the reminders often do not pop-up in front of other windows, but are hidden behind them. In addition if your task-bar items are set up to "always group" it makes it even harder to spot those notifications.
I think the best way to fix this issue is if we find a way for your user to remember the meeting.

I'd suggest she tries the following options:


Change the taskbar optios from "Always Group" to "Never Group" (through this option, notifications can be spotted a lot easier, even if the notification window does not pop-up in front of other windows)


She could also try to remind herself using a third-party tool in case step 1 is not sufficient.I am thinking of tools like:

If none of the above ideas are suitable, I also found the following Microsoft article on how to send out recurring emails (although I personally think this is too much effort compared to the above solutions):
You can setup an email (with the meeting as attachement) OR forward the meeting to the specific person and set the Flag for Recipients (as well as for yourself).

You can also change the reminder of the meeting and send an update.
Though both of these steps are manual, the last one can be set to trigger on a shorter notice while planning/editing the meeting.

Hope this helps (and is not too confusing) :)
cat4larryAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, it is confusing.  

Let's bottom line it:  you say they are both manual.  So does that mean that neither would send anything out automatically each week?  The point of the solution is that I not have to be bothered with reminding her each week.  I just let Outlook take care of it.
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cat4larryAuthor Commented:
Actually, the BIGGEST problem is that she is not on Outlook.  I've asked her before whether she uses Outlook as her email client and she says "yes" but I can tell she doesn't even know what an "email client" is and I have other ancillary evidence to suggest she isn't on Outlook.  

I know for a fact that she has an email address and has had it for the 7 years I've known her.  I'm guessing she is using web email access.

Now, I don't know that much about's web access and whether it supports meeting reminders from outlook or not.  Which is why I just wanted to send a reminder email.  I'd love to log into her computer, verify what she has, upgrade her to outlook if she isn't using it, etc. but she's a client of ours and I have neither the time nor the authority to do so.
cat4larryAuthor Commented:
@ezekielseyes -- I'll take a look at your last link and see where that leads me.
Actually, wouldn't it be easier to train the user to look on her calendar at least on a daily basis?
After all, we're not trying to solve a technical issue here ;)
cat4larryAuthor Commented:
Oh my, I would LOVE that.  But since reality and theory don't often match, I'm just going to have to find a technical solution to an annoying physical issue
I did a quick search for 'multiple reminders degressive' and found this:
(which covers roughly what we already suggested)

same here:

One thing I can imagine you could do is create 2 recurring events with different reminder intervals/flags.
The first one fires 3 days beforehead, the other one day before due.

But the central thing is what the user is using as a Personal Information Manager.
Its very easy to sync the calendar (and all of its reminders) to mobile phones or to Webclients. (Speaking of which: An appointment in sends you an email as a notification... maybe that'd be a way for you :))
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