StoreFront 2.1 Failover Help Required

Hi There,

I am trying to look at configuring a StoreFront 2.1 failover site and hitting a bit of a brick wall.

I apologies in advance I am a little new to the StoreFront technology but with some guidance confident I could configure the environment easily

So my question is how do I failover StoreFront 2.1 with the following setup i.e. what do I need to configure?

We have one Farm and this farm has the following:-
Citrix XenApp 6.5
1 x Dedicated DTC server
1 x License Server
25 x CTX Servers
Datastore is configured to a separate SQL Enterprise server
And 2 StoreFront servers (one will be a local failover) – This will be configured for the legacy support as we need to use the web service feature.
All Clients are going to be using Receiver Enterprise 3.4 so as to use the web service technology.

We don’t have any special hardware like NetScaler or load balance **

The above is all installed in a VM environment.

The above is replicated to another physical site.

Our failover scenario is the site A will go down and Site B will come up and as it’s replicated will be up-to-date. The site b will come up with the same host names but as on another sub-net will have different IP’s (the VM infrastructure handles the IP change and will be just done!!)

So the issue I have is the Site B has the same farm name and host names but the client receivers though pointing to the correct web service hostname the local DNS will be out of date so wont resolve as the IP’s are different.
E.G. Site A StoreFront: CTX-StoreFront-01 : IP =
Site B StoreFront: CTX-StoreFront-01 : IP =
So as you can see same host name different IP.
A receiver would have something like this in side i.e. one server:
http:// CTX-StoreFront-01/Citrix/myStore/PNAgent/config.xml

I understand StoreFront 2.1 has failover built in but a bit stuck on the configuration up so wondered what you can do with it in this scenario.

Big thanks,

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objectivityConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have decided with the customer to do another design now so this question is not required now.
objectivityAuthor Commented:
Please close the question.
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