how to add background colour to theme

Hi Guys,

I was wondering how i would add a background colour of gree to the following site but keeping the body white? here at

see the way the blue is here at

also i have the deleted the logo how can i delete it from the code so it doesnt just look like a broken image?

thank you
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When I see a page with 27 stylesheets, plus scripting that is modifying styles, I assume that there is not going to be any reliable way to deal with it.

When I validate and the validator finds over 20 errors before it even gets out of the head, and then quits because it cannot understand the page I can only recommend one thing: start over; what you have is unmaintainable.  

Things like what you are asking should take 30 seconds, but the code is such a rat's nest that it might take 5 minutes to figure it out or 5 years.  I don't know whether it is just crappy themes/templates or if you need to upgrade your skills but that page does not deserve to live.

Chris StanyonCommented:
I'm going to second what Cd& said. That page really is beyond all hope. Look at the source of the page - you have 500 lines of junk before you get anywhere near any content, including a whole load HTML in the HEAD. Bin it - seriously!

There is no easy way to do what you want. You would need to re-think your HTML structure  before even contemplating changing the CSS.

Sorry :(
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RartemassConnect With a Mentor Service Desk AnalystCommented:
For the few seconds I was able to look at your code before my eyes bled I found the following to assist with your enquiry.

It looks like your code for the logo is on line 471, repeated below.

 <a href=""><img id="logo" src="" alt="WP Consultant, a collective theme by Contempo" /></a>

Delete that and it will go away. If you only want the logo to go away but keep the link then remove the <img> tag. So if you want text as the link try this:
 <a href="">WP Consultant, a collective theme by Contempo</a>

I value my remaining brain cells too much to try to figure out how to get the colour change with your current setup. Instead I will provide some direction on how to achieve the result. One way to set this up is as follows:

<div id="container">
<div class="banner">...</div>
<div class="menu">...</div>
<div class="content">...</div>

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Then the CSS
html {
overflow-y: scroll; /* this adds a vertical scrollbar on all pages and prevents short pages from aligning wider to account for the missing scrollbar. */
overflow-x: auto; /* this adds a horizontal scrollbar for wide pages when needed. */

body {
background-color:#00CC00; /* green */
width: 100;

#container {
width: 80%;
max-width: 1260px; /* this stops the layout getting too wide on large monitors. IE6 does not respect this. */
min-width: 780px; /* this stops the layout getting too narrow. Again IE6 does not respect this. */
background: #FFFFFF; /* white */
margin: 0 auto; /* this will centre the layout */

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The head tag should only have things like the link to the stylesheet, link to javascript files, page title, etc. The body contains all the elements you want to display on the page.

My comments for this question explains it further:
jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
ok guys, i have changed the theme... (maybe that might help?)

so how can i set this as the background image?
RartemassService Desk AnalystCommented:
You will need to apply the background image to the CSS. I'd use it on the first CSS that is used.
These links shows the format for the CSS you need.
Chris StanyonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK. Your are setting the background to the body on line 130 of style.css. Change the image on that line:

background: url("images/bg-soul3.jpg") repeat scroll left top #E8E8E8;

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Make sure you upload it to the correct folder. Also you will have a line in the image where it repeats.

I don't know where you're getting these themes from, or whether it's just down to your WordPress configuration, but you still have really bad HTML. The HEAD is still 450 lines long and full of HTML code. This will cause you problems - I guarantee it!
do you change that?
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