Apache 2.2.24 on Centos 6.4

I have a new installation of Centos 6.4 on a virtual machine installed in Oracle's VirtualBox.
We are trying to duplicate a setup of one of our older apps which requires Apache 2.2.24.
I have downloaded and applied -enable-mods-shared="all" to the configure command, then run make and make install. All complete successfully. The problem is, I cannot find a way to start up Apache. There is no references created for httpd, apache, apache2 or apachectl.
The directories are there, but not a means to start the service.

Either I am missing something, or things are very weird here! Any thoughts?
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In theory all apache 2.2 should be *binary* compatible with each others modules on same platform
It is much easier to audit httpd.conf of old application and add missing modules via yum than to try to run it right away - say new system has radically different directory layout than say Solaris or BSD or even Debian...
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
consider setting up a web server the 'supposed' way if you do not have any special needs. I know many folks like the apache build from source; but why go through all that trouble and its certainly less secure in most cases. Eg:
yum groupinstall "Web Server" "MySQL Database client" "MySQL Database server" "PHP Support"
service httpd start
chkconfig httpd on

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This almost covers the insall. You fill find any relevant configs in /etc/httpd/

In the end, find an old httpd package and downgrade to it. Also, if you are unable to find one, opt to build the httpd version form an SRPM.
JP_TechGroupAuthor Commented:
I agree and wish I could, but I am dealing with an old custom made web app that will only function correctly on certain versions of things... Apache 2.2.4, Passenger2.2.4, Ruby 1.8.4 etc...
I cannot use Yum as it will install the latest versions of these and I need the versions I mentioned. Make sense?
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Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
As I said, build from an SRPM; for centos 6 you might want to use:

Also, have a look at the powerstack repo, they run apache 2.2.24:

Also you can install the hole thing and then do a yum localinstall to the httpd.rpm from powerstack.
JP_TechGroupAuthor Commented:
Ah, I missed the second part of you message... sorry. I'll give it a go.
JP_TechGroupAuthor Commented:
I went with an older distribution of Centos and it compiled and installed perfectly. Thanks for your help.
And how do you maintain security of the apache you stuck together there?
JP_TechGroupAuthor Commented:
I don't! This is a test environment on an isolated virtual box. It's only purpose in life is to allow me to test config changes to an old legacy app a client wants to resurrect.
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