Best Diagram to use for this?

What kind of chart would be best for this?

I'd like to find the most efficient chart to use with what I'd like to do.  I'm putting together a troubleshooting diagram that will involve a lot of decisions processes within it.  For example:

Laptop user?  IF YES, THEN do this.

                               - Did this work?  Yes | No

                       IF YES, THEN STOP.
                      IF NO, Then do this
                                - Did this work?  Yes | No
                       IF YES, THEN STOP
                      IF NO, THEN do this...
and so on and so on....
   What do you think would be the best chart or diagram to effectively map this?  Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.
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KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a Visio basic flowchart
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
I agree with KCTS (but don't award me any points for saying so!).
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