Corrupted Office menus in Windows 7 - Office 2010

Looks like I have a corrupted user profile that is fouling up menus and graphics in Office 2010.  The menu objects are corrupted.  If I logon as a different user, the problem doesn't exist.

Copying data to a new user profile would be a tough project because of sharing - ACT and QuickBooks.  The corrupt user is Windows 7 pro - the 2nd machine is XP Pro.  A bad combination.

Any thoughts on rescuing the user profile would be greatly appreciated.
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OnsiteSupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
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Is it all Office programs that are affected?
You could try a diagnostics check of Office (see

OnsiteSupportAuthor Commented:
All are affected under that user profile.
OnsiteSupportAuthor Commented:
MadJax....thanks for that link. The Office 2010 repair was one of the first steps that I took.  It had no effect because I believe there are graphics objects that are corrupted as part of the user profile.

this points at recreating the user profile but I was hoping to avoid this drastic step because my customer has so many customized apps as part of her user id.

OnsiteSupportAuthor Commented:
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