SmallBussines SMTP connector large queue with postmaster messages

spammer was authenticating with a hacked username against the Small Business Server computer as part of an operation to relay SMTP e-mail, causing an eventid 1708.
Changed account password already, no more emails from "" coming out of our exchange.

but now on the "smallbusiness smtp connector queue there are thousands of messages from the and it is not stopping, or at least is has been queuing for hours and submitting emails to the email that the spam was sending at.

Another detail is that we have a Mcafee offsite proxy where all our outbound emails go thru. They close the door of our affected ip address until we can tell them that we fix our problem.

I would like to stop the messages from the postmaster and clean the queues.

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PerarduaadastraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a common problem that has been addressed several times on EE.

The venerable expert alanhardisty has covered it here:

... and Microsoft addresses the question here:

These links should get you out of trouble.
75carlosAuthor Commented:
I'm done with the Authenticated Relay Attach securing process.
At one moment I saw like 60,000 messages on the queue so it will take aawhile to purge everything. I'm using the line command application aqadmcli.exe to speed up the process.

Two things I notice, the messages (Delivery status notification delay and failure)  from "postmaster" are still showing up...maybe are old and still popping up in the queue.....

the messages from the relay email account " are still showing up in the SMTP connector but are old one...not sure when it going to end
If you look at Step 3 in the Microsoft KB, it explains that cleaning up the queues can be a lengthy process. If you have 60,000+ messages to get rid of then lengthy is probably an apt description...

Note that it may take some time before the total number of messages to be deleted becomes available.
75carlosAuthor Commented:
I've been turning on the computer and testing, everything up to now is fine but slow.
I'm cleaning by chunks , when it get to 4000 or 5000 I ran aqadmcli.exe using the delmsg flags=all since there is not user activity yet.
A way of speeding up the removal of messages is to stop the SMTP service and rename the Queue folder to something else, for example Badqueue. Then start the SMTP service again; this will generate a new Queue folder that will be empty. You can then delete the contents of the old renamed Queue folder (Badqueue in the example I gave) at your leisure.
Be very sure, however, that there is nothing important in that folder before deleting everything!

I've recently dealt with just such a situation, and it took about ten minutes for 80,000+ files to be deleted from the old renamed Queue folder, which is rather quicker than multiple passes with the aqadmcli utility.
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