Weird problem with dreamweaver CS5.5

On Monday, I was working in Dreamweaver on a page.  The left was the code and the right was the view.  This is the way I've always worked on the site.

I needed to find a piece of code so I hit "Ctrl-F", keyed in what I was looking for and hit "Find".

Here comes the weird stuff.  Dreamweaver opens a new tab with a different file (sometimes actual code and other data files!).

I haven't installed any new software or done anything to this box.  I have Norton for the viruses and that returns everything clean.

I've contacted Adobe but they don't want to talk with me because the version is 5.5.  Several people told me that the support was free and then they hang up on me.  Sales is telling me that it will cost $80.00 a month to "upgrade" to 6.0, and by the way come the first of the year, 7.0 is coming out so I'll be screwed on the 6.0 support.

Attached are the print screens from Dreamweaver.  I was told on the Adobe site to get rid of the cache.  I did this.   It worked once, but then came back.

Any ideas?

Is there another software package something like Dreamweaver?  They really got me mad about the way they've treated me over the last few days.  I'm a customer, aren't they supposed to be kissing my ass!!!!
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tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're searching the entire local site so it will open other pages with pages containing the code you're looking for.    If you change "find in" on the search box, you can specify where you want to search.   You can see the result brought up a page that contained your search word.    Looking at the screenshots, it appears to be working correctly (unless i'm overlooking something).

I hear you on Adobe.   I've been very frustrated with their customer service.   We spend big bucks on their software, you would think we would be treated a bit better.   As soon as they have a serious competitor, i'll be taking a hard look, but in the meantime, i'm stuck.   I've gotten very comfortable with their software over the last 15+ years, my workflow would be temporarily cut in half if i tried switching.   Their really isn't an equivalent yet, but when there is, if that company treats us like we pay a lot of money for their software, i'm moving on.
breeze351Author Commented:
That was the answer.  But I never changed the options in the search!  It just happened when I had been working on the page for over 1/2 a day!

Maybe MacroMedia can buy back the software!!!!  Never had problems with them.

Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
The search box can flip options based on keystrokes.  It's possible that you changed the options that way.

We've mostly managed to become Adobe-free at my office.  Photoshop has been swapped out for the Gimp, Dreamweaver replaced by WordPress and good text editors like Sublime, and Acrobat with CutePDF pro.
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