Autofill Mailing Label Template (Mail Merge) in Apple Pages from Apple Numbers Spreadsheet

I recently received the following request from a client of mine:

"I'm looking specifically for an experienced iWorks-Pages user who can create a Pages template for a pre-printed mailing label I order from VistaPrint. My goal is to be able to easily Mail Merge customer data from Numbers into the new template and print the labels. I'm experienced merging data for letters and envelops but custom labels… not so much."

Sample label with dimensions is attached.

Does anybody have a solution or any ideas for this? I realize the latest version of Pages which Apple released at the end of October (version 5.0) removed many of the features which were included previously in the Pages app.

Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Mail Merge is gone from the latest Pages but if you have the previous version Pages '09 (v4) then you can still do it.  You can get Pages templates for Avery labels here - but they are not suited for mail merge with multiple entries per page.

Pages DOES NOT have support for doing labels from a Mail merge .. it is designed to have 1 set of merged data per page.  This is fine for envelopes but doing a 4-up, 6-up or 8-up layout of labels is not an easy thing to achieve - but it is possible with some creative workarounds.

There are 2 ways to do it
First is to create a document the size of ONE label in Pages and use Mail Merge to import the data and create an 8 page document for 8 labels.  Then use Avery DesignPro for Mac (free download on to convert the 8 page document into a 1 page document with 8 labels on it.

Second is to do it within Pages and get a set of labels on the same page.
Change the dimensions to of the document suit your label sheet if it is not US Letter or A4
1. Inspector > Document > Document Margins > set the top & side margins
2. Inspector > Layout > Layout > Columns: 2 > Gutter: 0
3. Click in the top of the left hand column and then insert a TextBox element
4. Toolbar > Text Box > Inspector > Metrics > Size > set the height and width of one label
5. Inspector > Wrap > Object Placement > Inline > Object Causes Wrap : 2nd icon > Extra Space: 0pt - this will force the labels to move inline inside the columns
6. Inspector > Graphic > Stroke > None  - so you cannot see the label border when printing
7. Inspector > Links > Merge > Choose… > browse to Numbers spreadsheet
8. Click inside the box Menu > Insert > Merge Field/Sender Field > Select appropriate fields  also add any other textboxes and elements .. group them together.  Save this document as a TEMPLATE in Pages for future use.
9. Pages generates a multipage document with one label per page  
10. Delete all the Section Breaks separating each label on each page:  Menu > Edit > Find > Find… > Advanced > Find: > Insert > Section Break… > Replace: empty > Replace All
The text boxes then stack into place .. 2 columns and x per page depending on the label size.

A little experimentation may be required to get them to match the label sheets
simdexAuthor Commented:
Very helpful and comprehensive.
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