Webpage Navigation help - This one may be hard !!

Hello, a friend and I am starting a new business. We are wanting to utilize a unique style for the menu on our website. If you look at the attached file, (Menu Subjects blacked out) we are trying to figure out a way to create a website that is pretty much menu driven by subject and color matrix. In other words, if you click on a red area that is labeled tires, than it would take you to another page that matches the red coloring with all our tire options and then be able to click on the tire option and get specific information.

I hope this makes sense. Questions ? Please let me know. This is a high priority for us. I am fairly familiar with HTML but I know this is way above HTML or anything I know how to do.
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PAULADAMSJRAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention, this needs to be compatible with the standard desktop browsers but also iPad,iPhone and the Android tabs & phones too.
Actually, it is not that hard.  You create a set of separate CSS documents with the same class names but different settings (color, etc.) in each.  You include the appropriate CSS in your HTML files.  If you are using any kind of server-side documents (PHP, ASPX, etc.) - this can be done dynamically.  The same approach can be used to make sure your site is compatible with various mobile devices.  Being any more specific is difficult without source code examples.
PAULADAMSJRAuthor Commented:
Hi COANNetwork,

Well, I don't have any source code. This is being started from scratch. Can you offer advice on how to get this off the ground ? Is there an application that can help me build this ?

Thanks !! :-)
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PAULADAMSJRAuthor Commented:
The attached jpg was just an example of what we want to do.
There are a number of Metro style frameworks (looks like that is what you want).
If you are starting from scratch then you may want to consider spending a few dollars and buying a theme built around them.  Themeforest have a number of them - it's just a case of which one suits your taste.
PAULADAMSJRAuthor Commented:
So Gary, are you saying (which I hope you are) that there may be a wordpress theme somewhere that might function similar to what our needs are ?
Paul, I am old school, I tend to code my websites in what amounts to Notepad.  There are, as Gary suggested, any number of CMS (Content Management Systems) out there - Wordpress, Joomla, etc.  Most of them have some kind of a free setup to get you off the ground.  There are also many experts who can help you build a site using any of them - I am not one of those people.  The drawback of my method is that I have to do everything from scratch, the benefit is that I get exactly what I want, no more and no less, and I have full and absolute control over every aspect of my application.
Either take Gary's suggestion and build your app on some CMS platform (if you are not familiar with them - do invest into hiring a professional and save yourself some grief), or go on the W3C site and read up on CSS, JS, and HTML.
Finally, keep in mind - when you go with a template in a CMS - you are getting somebody elses idea of what your site should look and work like.  And, unle4ss you pay someone for a completely custom template, your site will most likely have a dozen or more dopplegangers out there.

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Not necessarily WP, we don't know what you have so far, if anything.
If you have nothing to start with then WordPress may be a good starting point.
If you are looking just for a css template then something like these
or this is a really nice one
PAULADAMSJRAuthor Commented:
Agree with COANetwork, if it's not custom coded, we'll pick up a lot of coding overhead that we dont really need. However, in the name of getting something up and off the ground with a shoestring budget, we decided to go with one of the templates suggessted by Gary and host it on a Wordpress platform. Thanks to everyone for the quick and informative responses.

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