Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3

I'm new to BE 2010 R3 and wanted to figure out why our incremental backups doubled in the past weeks.  How can I verify what changed and change it back, if needed?  I'm completely new to BE.
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Check the jobs and see if it is scheduled twice.  You can check the logs and scale backwards to see what the jobs are doing.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Depending on how the logging was set up, you should be able to check the job logs and see how much (size in bytes) is being backed up on each volume that is included in the backup job.  This information is available from the Job Monitor window by double-clicking on any finished job that is listed.

Just as an FYI, you can set up BE to email the job logs to you each day so that you can have a readily accessible historical record of the jobs that have been completed.
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uppercut71412Author Commented:
Seems as though someone included Shadow Copies within the backup.

Encryption used        : Software

Agent used                     : Yes
Advanced Open File Option used : Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
uppercut71412Author Commented:
Lastly, where do I go to enable the email the job logs to me?
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
What makes you think that the shadow copies are being included in the backup?  The  portion of the backup settings you show above means that the Advanced Open File option is enabled and set to use the Microsoft VSS provider to back up open files.  This option does not back up Microsoft shadow copy storage itself.
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