netscreen 5gt creating an exception for website access

been trying to access some websites and getting errors that it could be blocked due to proxy server but we dont have any proxy servers so wanted to know how to check on netscreen 5gt if there is any rule blocking access to certain sites.  Would like to know how to create an exception so i can access these sites.  thanks.
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In addition to what sangamc posted earlier if you find that you are indeed being blocked, which is the default behavior. You will have to create/add o policy from the trust to the untrust zone. See page 266 of the attached. It may not be exactly the same for your device but at least this will give you the theory.
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
You want to go into the policy section from the web interface. Al traffic rules are in this section. Traffic from trust to untrust zones is what you will need to pay attention too. This is outbound traffic to the internet.
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