IE10 Compatibility View not saving domains

Hi All - This one application I use always needs to have compatibility view turned on.  For some reason when I exit IE10 it erases the settings.  Is there a way to fix the bug or to save it in the registry the domain that it needs to be used on?

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Manjunath SulladTechnical ConsultantCommented:

For more information visit   

However if you want to disable Compatibility view button, you can try the below provided steps.

1.     Close all Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer windows.

2.     Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.

3.     Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

4.     Click the Advanced tab, and clear the check box for Automatically recover from page layout error with compatibility view, under Browsing.

5.     Click on OK button.
zack4x4 --
There is something wrong there.  See this reference (which applies to IE 10 as well)
You can see that once you set Compatibility View to run on a specific website, you should not have to set it again.  To quote, the worst that can happen is "just click the Compatibility View button again".    That is really not such a bad situation, since the coders of the site may someday change the source code to be compatible with IE10 and Compatibility View will no longer be needed.

I think you know all this, but the following reference may also be of interest
Your post is copied word for word from

When you do that you should indicate the source.

And in this case the link you provide has changed and is no longer applicable to the problem in this thread.
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zack4x4Author Commented:
Unfortunately the application that we are dealing with is a huge companies billing system and everyone has been asking them to change it but they haven't.  We are stuck with compatibility.  For some reason it still isn't working and I can't get it to save.  We go into this app about 50 times a day and to add compatibility and it just doesn't work.
zack4x4 ----
First of all, is the issue that you cannot get Compatibility View to work or that you cannot get it to save?
How are you setting Compatibility View?  The method in  ?
An alternative, when you are at the website needing Compatibility, would be to click the Gear at the top right of the IE 10 window and then F12 Developer Tools.  Click on Browser Mode and click "Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View"

Or have a look at this site.  Perhaps you need to turn Compatibility Mode ON.
The Answer also applies to Win 7.
zack4x4Author Commented:
I figured out the issue.  Apparently if you set to delete browser history it will delete the compatibility view domains which is absolutely stupid.  Thanks for your help though guys!
zack4x4--Thanks for telling us the solution.  That is very useful to know.  It is also buried on page 6 here
zack4x4Author Commented:
Awesome, thanks for letting me know!  It's good to know which one actually preserves the settings.  Thanks again!
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