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Greedy Corel & PSP6

One minute, I can access the printer with Corel's PaintShop Pro 6, and the next the "Source" has disappeared and I receive the error "No Scanner found".
The printer works fine! Except the scanner has disappeared to PSP6.
I found out that it was PSP6 by uninstalling BOTH the printer drives and the software, then reinstalling the printer drivers (the printer works fine), the reinstalling PSP6. The problem seems definitely with PSP6.
When I ask about Tech Support, they say: "Great! Give us more of your money and we will provide you with a code to allow you to have Tech Support.
My Response: &%#(!
Can anyone tell me why the TWAIN source is there one minute and gone the next. I have checked Services, WIA, and reset it to "Automatic" where it was manual.
I don't know why the twain was derailed (excuse the pun) LOL
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You haven't specified your Operating System, so I'm going to assume it is Windows XP.

Perhaps it is an issue with USB power.  Each USB Port is limited in the amount of power it can supply to devices.  If you are using a power-hungry device and it is connected along with other USB devices to one of those small USB Hubs that has no external power source using its own adapter, then sometimes one or other device won't work.  You usually get a warning about this as far as I recall, but Windows error messages can be cryptic as you will know.

On the Windows 98 CD there is a USB diagnostics:
and there is another by Nir Sofer:
These can yield some useful information about USB ports and devices.

One thing that often happens when you uninstall a device is that it leaves a "phantom" leftover behind.  Often you can show these in Device Manager by enabling the "Show Hidden Devices" under the View menu, and the devices that aren't connected will show as faded out.  Sometimes that doesn't show them all though.  I run this batch file that I keep on my desktop and then show the hidden devices.
What I do is uninstall the device drivers/software normally through Control Panel > Add-Remove Programs, shut down and disconnect the device, then reboot and see if there is a leftover showing as a faded out device in Device Manager that I need to Uninstall.

Installing USB devices such as scanners and printers usually involves following a setup wizard that will prompt you when to connect the USB cable to the PC and power the device on.  If you aren't prompted, then wait until the setup finishes.  You rarely, if ever, connect a USB device before running the installation wizard.

Paint Shop Pro version 6 was owned by Jasc, not Corel.  It was still Jasc until after version 9.01 in 2004 I believe.  Any support will be long gone by now if you are talking about the Jasc releases.  You are probably talking about the most recent Corel Paint Shop Pro X6 which would be the sequential equivalent of version 16.

Have you checked the self-help or FAQ pages on the Corel site to see if there have been any update patches that mention this kind of issue?
Hello Bill,
and hello Gadgetdude
I have both Jasc Paintshop 6 and 9 installed on my windows 7
I have not experienced this so will be an observation.
Do you have two versions of Paintshop pro?
Where do you see this>the scanner has disappeared to PSP6.
I have a Canon scanner / printer what brand is your Scanner/printer

When I want to use the scan option
I  can use  either the buttons on the Cannon ( press scan) on the front of the console and a menue pops up on my desktop asking what do I want to do scan to PDF or scan HDD and the directory.
Or use the MP navigator  Canon utilities.
 the tools provided by Canon,
May I ask how you use access the scan
Is this from your desktop?
Canon Utilitiesselect MP navigatorscan import optionsview and use images scan button 3It could be just a simple quirk of your windows 7
If your doing stuff while the Canon is still occupied with doing another task.
Check your taskbar for any printing jobs in queue
Possibly it can't do both and so you get the twain access problem and it disappears

Using my PSP 6 and dropping a screen capture on to illustrate where my Import scan, it asks for a source, this is using PSP6 to capture and acquire an image then you import it
You could just use the windows 7 snipping tool located at the All programs Accessories/pin it to your taskbar

PSP 6 import
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Using your contributing comments and suggestions, I decided to do an investigation into Corel PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate. This is what I found in my Windows 7 Pro X64 system:

[1] This version comes in two applications: (a) 64-Bit and (b) 32-Bit.
[2] In the 64-Bit version, the app reports "No Scanner Found".  However -
[3] Using the 32-Bit Version, the app works!!! Source Found. Scanner Used. No problem.

Conclusion: There is a problem with using the 64-bit version (on a 64-bit Windows 7 Pro system); but, using the 32-bit app, there is no problem.
This I do not understand!!!
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no worries
most software is installed to 32 bit Gadgetdude
how long have you had your system?
Never explored it until now  ;)
Your windows 7 x64 has two program files folders
 Look in the folder programfiles x86
windows 7 supports both yey, there is a reason since most stuff in the www is still 32 bit.
and pretty near all programs are 32 bit based.
I have two towers here one with windows 7 x32 and one with windows 7x64
in the windows 7 x64 see the two folders
program files x86Please use the 32 bit installed software.
Your scanner also probably uses all 32 bit stuff
A lot folks get this idea that once they own a x64 everything is automatically x64 bit not so.
All my programs including Paintshop pro 6 and 9  is really 32 bit
You also have two versions of IE one is 32 and 64. Best to use the 32 bit programs until it is fully phazed out.
Use your x64 bit engine like a 32, but you get the force of the x64 bit behind the x32 bit software
Hope that helps you understand
If not quite yet understanding
try Microsoft
32-bit and 64-bit Windows: frequently asked questions
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
This is the difference between "Theoretical" and "Real World."
I comprehend (partially) what you are saying: "Program Files" is apparently where all the X64 software is located; while "Program Files (X86)" is where the 32-Bit software is located.

In reading your response; however, I am still a little confused; if nearly everything is 32-Bit why have a "64-Bit" version of the software. If your OS is 64-Bit, why even bother? If everything is STILL 32-bit? I was under the impression that, if given a choice between the two, 64-bit was faster and more powerful than 32-bit.

OK, I am going to read the URL article you sent me. ???
Thanks!  GadgetDude

P.S. By everything stated thus far, I make the assumption that there is no way to get the 64-Bit PSP to see the printer/scanner.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I have read the article. Will read it again and again.
Bottom Line (I think): 64-Bit handles more memory, faster than 32-Bit.
I may have to ask my laptop maker, Lenovo; and my scanner maker, Canon, about 64-bit drivers (I already know the 32-Bit drivers are installed).

GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Ah thanks so much GadgetDude a pleasure to help.
Yes I fully understand your line of thinking.
I have  Jasc Paintshop pro 6 and 9 with Corel Paintshop pro Photo x2
All use the 32 the bit, yet I have the Cyberlink Powerdirector 10 x64 bit.
I didn't get which scanner printer you have there so just to offer that little bit of extra help
Take a look here from Coral, I think you'll agree if the twain works in the 32 bit use it, be a part of the solution ;)
These guys are still stuck in the problem and the problem is Corel.
Paintshop Pro X6 64 bit issue with Scanner
Regards Merete
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