Problems installing Web Interface on Netscaler 10.1 Virtual Appliance

Hi there.
I'm having some issues setting up a Citrix Netscaler 10.1 Virtual Appliance.

I have an eval license installed and I'm now trying to install the web interface but it keeps failing. I used the GUI upload feature and manually tried to install via the shell and keep getting shut out.

I found the following error in one of the log files:

Error: NetScaler version mismatch

The two files I am using are:

build-10.1-119.7_nc.tgz  --- The Web interface files
openjdk6-b17_2.tbz --- JRE files

I download both from citrix portal!

Appreciate any assistance.

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Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
never used the WI from Netscaler. (after some unsuccessfully tries)
all installations made with WI from XenApp or Storefront.

if you do this, you have the logon-screen from netscaler and the app-icons presented from the backend-Webinterface/Storefront server. This Wi is passed through the Netscaler.

there are some good articles how to configure this...

Citrix StoreFront - Implementation Guide - Citrix Knowledge Center

Access to StoreFront Through NetScaler Gateway  (german language)
s3e3Author Commented:
Thanks, at least set me in the right direction.
No wonder it wasn't working...

I ran through the Netscaler Gateway Wizard but now I'm stuck with an authentication error when trying to login. I am using LDAP on netscaler.. error message is "Incorrect credentials, Try again"

This is a real simple POC environment I am trying to setup.

Single XenDesktop 7 Server (StoreFront Installed and working internally)
Single Netscaler
s3e3Author Commented:
I entered the LDAP information incorrectly for my domain. I have another problem now so I'll post a separate question. Thanks.
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