Samsung Galaxy s2 in reboot loop


This just started tonight.

If I take the battery out and put back - and then power up - then the phone goes through to the lock screen and I can swipe and see other things loading.  Then soon after this it reboots.

After it reboots though it will not make it to the lock screen before rebooting again.  And this will loop until I take the batery out.

I've tried safe mode but there was no difference.

I've tried connecting to Kies on my PC but it reboots before a connection is established.

Any ideas?
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gawilson2000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I moved the contents of the SD card to a temp directory on the SD card and put in the phone.  The reboot loop has now stopped.  I then moved what appeared to be important directories back out into the root directory and used an android file manager to delete the temp directory.  Seems fine now.
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Were you attempting to root your phone?
gawilson2000Author Commented:
I think I've managed to isolate the problem as being something wrong with the sd card.

I took out the sd card and network card - and managed to put the phone into flight mode.

It was then stable.

I put the network card back in and then put it in normal mode.  I then cancelled a large file download.

Still stable.

I powered down and put back in the SD card.

The looping reboot started again.

I have important data on the SD card - what should I do?
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
It could be a bad update file, perhaps. Are there any .zip files located in the root of your SD card?
gawilson2000Author Commented:
Thanks for responding.

No I wasn't attempting to root the phone.

I'm next going to find an adapter so I can plug my SD card into a PC and take a look.  If I find a .zip - should I delete it?
gawilson2000Author Commented:
I've read the sd card on a PC and didn't find a zip file in the root directory.

Some of the directories have a strange symbol as their first letter - but I don't know if this is a corruption or an OS thing.
gawilson2000Author Commented:
I checked the SD card of a working Galaxy s2 and found that the directories were indeed renamed on my sd card - suggesting that there has been some sort of corruption.

I renamed the directories to what they should be but the phone still reboots.

I tried a different SD card in my phone and it worked !  But this isn't a solution since I want the data from my original SD to work in my phone.

Any ideas how I can revive my original SD card?
gawilson2000Author Commented:
I found the solution by trying a couple of things that weren't suggested.
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