cisco 1941 config

Hello.  I just purchased a cisco 1941 router and connected the usb console and configured.  After config I was able to telnet fine.  I also saved the run to start many times.

Every time I turn on the router, it does not start.  I then have to connect the console cable and to the boot command.  It boots as a brand new router and configs are gone.  Am I missing a step here?
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koudryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are 2 possible problems:

(1) You may have wrong, corrupted or buggy IOS on the router. Cisco 1941 with IOS 15.2(3)T2 may crash the router if you have QoS policy on an Ethernet port.  IOS 15.2(2)T may also crash the router if you have VPN GRE tunnel with "qos pre-classify" configured on the GRE VPN tunnel.

(2)  The second possibility is that you may have 0x2142 configured as config register. The way to remedy this, is to break into the ROMmon, change the conifg register to 0x2102 (confreg 0x2102) and issue the "reset" command.  When you get to the router, you need to check and make sure the config register is there (show version), if not add it (config-register 0x2102). Save (wr) and reload (reload).
Craig BeckCommented:
When the router boots completely, after you do whatever you need to get it to boot, what does the show version output show you?

Can you post it here?
Can you post the results of these two commands?

sh bootvar
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