Total RAM for Lenovo Desktop

I bought computer :$pcmcat212600050008&cp=1&lp=3 ,

I checked on crucial , did the scan my PC - it says max memory is 8GB.  However , Lenovo Solution Center says max memory supported is 32GB.

How can I check what max RAM can be?

Thanks... ..
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@mvalencia2003  - Thanks for the post. I could not find that anywhere on the Lenovo Support Site (perhaps because I did not have the 7-digit model).

Nonetheless, the Solution Center on my ThinkPad post my correct maximum (16 Gb), so you are good to go with 32 Gb if you wish.

Select high quality memory (Kingston or Crucial) for your exact model and that says clearly it is warranty certified.

Thanks again, ... Thinkpads_User
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Where did you see 32Gb?

The most I saw for the newest and highest M series desktop models was 16Gb and that was only for a few. The maximum for the rest was 8Gb.

I think the max for the H series is 8Gb.

.... Thinkpads_User
Steven HarrisConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Crucial is normally spot on.  I have only seen one false reading from their scanner.

8GB sounds correct for that model, which is also stated on the Best Buy Specs for that machine.  Where did you see 32GB at?
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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Run PC Wizard 2013. Free system info utility:

It will tell you the board's maximum RAM

Some Windows 8 have compatibility problems with PC Wizard. If so, use Belarc Advisor instead. You need to run it as Administrator.

Watch out for a checkbox during installation to uncheck and avoid installing other free junk.
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
This is where I saw it , ,
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
which one would work for mine ?  I tried this about a month ago , but PC would not turn on ,
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have not heard of the Best Buy brand. I use Kingston. It works, it is warranty approved.

You would need 8 Gb modules (assuming you have 4 slots in the machine). If you have 4 Gb modules, try 1 8 Gb from Kingston and see how it works. Then go from there.

If you already have one working 8 Gb module, add 1 from Kingston and see how it works.

... Thinkpads_User
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Thanks all , ,
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@mvalencia2003 - Thanks and I was happy to help.

... Thinkpads_User
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