Giving users rights to run a application from a Terminal Server Desktop

I have a 2008 R2 terminal server which is also the Domain Controller

I have installed my accounting software MYOB on the server. When a user tries to open the program it comes up with the UAC  administrator logon box. You need to enter the admin username and password before it will open.

If you add the user to the administrators group it works fine

If  you are logged onto the server as administrator it works fine.

Where do you change the settings to allow normal users to open programs without admin username and password

Andrew MorrisAsked:
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piyushranusriConnect With a Mentor System Cloud SpecialistCommented:
right click on that exe then properties  and here you will find advanced and  you can click on run as administrator.

or try with adding users in power user group.

please share the output
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Does MYOB work without admin rights on desktops?

Also is it a LAB (DC+ TS)?
piyushranusriSystem Cloud SpecialistCommented:
how did you setup this.

means user access with RDP file or direct login to Terminal server ?

please share the output
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Andrew MorrisAuthor Commented:
They log directly onto the server

I thought there might be a setting in GP to change

piyushranusriSystem Cloud SpecialistCommented:
you have to authorize all user to run that exe..
Andrew MorrisAuthor Commented:
How do you do that?
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