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Comparison between Symantec & EMC & Commvault DR Solution FOR SAP envoirment

We are looking for DR solution for SAP environment where we have Physical server for SAP production and VM for Active directory  & Exchange  2010.Please suggest which DR solution will be more beneficial and simple for this environment .
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
The products you list are all backup products that will provide data protection and DR of a sort - you would have to restore your data at the DR site from backups. A better DR solution is to use a replication product to move your data to a DR site. You can replicate at the storage layer, the host layer, or the application layer. Which method is best for you depends on
 - your business requirements
 - your budget
 - how your environment is configured today

The most important is your business requirements and that will drive your budget. If your SAP environment is driving a multi-million dollar manufacturing business where downtime will cost the business big $$$, the it obviously makes sense to spend more on DR provisions. If, on the other hand, you can tolerate being without SAP for a few days, then perhaps backup and restore is sufficient for your needs. But then, why are you running SAP if you can do without it for a few days?

So, some questions for you: : what is the maximum downtime your business will tolerate for critical applications? How much data can you afford to lose if you have a disaster? What are your critical applications? What budget do you have? Is cloud-based DR an option? What does your VM and physical environment have in it? Do you have a SAN? Are you running your VMs on VMware, Hyper-V or KVM?

... and that's just the start.  :-)
I agree with Duncan. This is a huge question and may be impossible to answer with so little info.

It's worth pointing out something important before getting into this.

Backups only form a small part of a DR solution.

The most basic DR plan would be doing nothing and just accept the downtime/data loss in the event of a disaster.
At the other extreme, a ridiculously expensive DR plan could be having 3 live replicated copies of your entire system in secure locations around the country with full staff complement and toilet facilities, all ready to go live within 5 seconds......

So while choosing a backup solution is definitely worthwhile, you also have to consider how you would restore the data, what hardware you would restore it to (ie new servers, VMs), how long it would take, who is responsible for different elements of the DR plan,  regular tests of the DR process, what elements of your systems would take priority etc etc etc.

Anyway, all three of the products you have specified in your Question can deliver a solid 'backup solution' based on the little info you have provided. backup exec is probably the more well known of the three but may lag behind a little when it comes to enterprise feature set the other 2 can offer.

if you are looking for a 'DR solution' however, I recommend engaging a proper backup consultant that can be held responsible for the advice/recommendations they offer.

We are always happy to offer advice on EE, but can only base it on the limited info we can get from you via this forum. Plus we can only offer our opinion, which may be a bit vague if it turned out your business suffered financial loss due to the wrong solution being implemented.

And I bet a DR consultant would charge you way more than 500 points :-)
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Please accept https:#a39643252 as the answer and https:#a39924132 as the assist.
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