Printing from Mac OS X through windows share Very Slow

Hi All

I have Windows Server 2008R2 running in my environment. (Running in VMWARE)

I have around 50 PC Users and about 50 MAC users

I am using Xerox Workcentre 6400 and Workcentre 7545

The printer queue is set up to print through LPD on the windows server but I have also tried to use SMB printing but it does not change anything regarding the speed.

The MAC computers are not on my domain because they are mostly contracters  

All the PC users can print fine and the print speed is good.

But I have another story for the mac users.
Their printing output is just fine but it takes very long time for the printjob to print.

The speed for the mac users is ok when I set the printer up using Bonjour or IPP print protocols printing directly to the printer.

But I am using tracking software for all output to be able to charge departments for the cost.

So I have to be able to make all the macs print trough the windows share which slows down the print speed on the MAC.
AND the MAC os verisions is from 10.4 to 10.9 the same issue is on all of them.

Do you have any hints ?
Vettvangsþjónusta AdvaniaAsked:
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KashConnect With a Mentor 2nd Line EngineerCommented:
that tells me that there is too much filtering in place for a print job. Apple and MS aren't very compatible even nowadays.

your job is being sent and then it is slowly filtering through your print server which then evaluates it and the software does what it is suppose to do for invoicing purposes and then it prints.

I cannot see any other solution I am afraid but I would love to know the solution.
It is slow because of all the extra work the Macs have to do going through that share.  Why not  tell the macs to also use LPD as well?
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Actually I had similar problems with the Xerox WorkCenter--the company had to come fix the work center before the problem could be resolved. No sure what they did as it took them close to 2 weeks to resolve the problem but they changed a lot of parts and used several different drivers before we could get the slownesss issue resolved. Even our PC printing would take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
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Vettvangsþjónusta AdvaniaAuthor Commented:
I am making the macs printing trough LPD on the print server and it is very slow it is also very slow when I print directly to the printer using LPD.

I have already tryed alot of printer drivers and this is all new printers but I have alredy tryed different firmwares on the printers.

The thing is that if I use IPP or bonjour directly to the printers the print speed is fine.
The problem begins when I try to go trough the windows share.

And I need to go trough the windows share so I can capture the pagecount for the users.
the windows share pretty much triples the amount of I/O and time required.  

If you have 3X the I/O to do and don't want it to affect the overall time, you need to update your network hardware, or just do without.

There is no magic command that will fix this.  It is one of those no-free-lunch things.
Vettvangsþjónusta AdvaniaAuthor Commented:
Can you then give me some reson for that the speed is fine on the Windows 7 computers ?
Because they aren't unix computers that have to use samba to go through a conversion to write the whole data file then be handed off to a print service daemon that has to read the data all over again.    The amount of work and type of work is completely different once you add this extra layer.
Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
if like you said printing through LPD is fine then it is definitely because the macs have to go through windows share and subsequently through the tracking software for printing purposes.

you can try those gutenprint drivers which are generalized drivers for macs but I do not think they will make sure difference.

There is a longer way around it. What you need is an OD server to bind all your macs to and then link OD server to the AD server and that way it would definitely improve the printing speed but there is a cost to it.

You can however get a entry level mac mini server and do that job with it.

otherwise, LPD is an option which will make it fast but you won't be able to do cost invoicing etc.
Vettvangsþjónusta AdvaniaAuthor Commented:
The thing is that the printjob does go troug the LPD and it is working but the speed is not good.

I have already tried the Gutenprint drivers and the did not speed things up.

The only thing that speed things up is printing directly ti the printer via IPP or Bonjour.
Vettvangsþjónusta AdvaniaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the help
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