Help remote desktop connection could not find the destination computer

Im in a real pinch here. Remote desktop was working, but I installed gateway manager and IIS to try and setup SSL. Now Im getting this error.

Remote Desktop connection could not find the desination computer. This can happen of the computer name is incorrect or the computer is not yet registered with session broker.

On the server I get
Unable to resolve the Remote Desktop for user SOOPS\amandaz. No Remote Desktops are assigned to the user in Active Directory. Assign the user a Remote Desktop in Active Directory.

Error Code: 0x0
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MHMAdminsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

Within the RD Session Host Configuration - change the setting for RD Session Broker to the following...
Member of Farm in RD Connection Broker: No
cnl83Author Commented:
I can't find that... :/
cnl83Author Commented:
I found that but that setting doesn't exist.

Should I select "No farm membership or redirection"?
Have you assigned the user a remote desktop to connect to in Active directory user profile?
cnl83Author Commented:
No farm membership or redirection.
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