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Xendesktop / VMWare


  I have Dell Tower Server with 32 Gb Ram and 1 TB of hard disk space and I wanted to set up home lab to practise both Xendesktop and Vmware.

Here is my current setup:
I have installed 2008 R2 on the Server, installed vmware workstation 7.1 and created 3 vm's
1- esx5
2- esx5  and
3- 2008R2 as a Vcenter to manage both esxi's .
I got C drive with 80gb and the rest as D drive for data. I managed to point 3 vm's from vmware workstation to D drive.

Now my requirement is to setup Xendesktop lab on those 2 esxi's.  I am trying to create a new VM on one of the esxi but it is not showing my D drive storage.

How to i use D drive as a common storage for both esxi's ?

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