Exchange 2010 - AD Site config for hardware load balanced CAS and it's Virtual IP

E2K10 SP2 RU3, dag, multi site configuration.
CAS servers are behind Netscaler VIP.

Network team allocated VIP in totally different subnet from actual CAS servers.
Actual CAS servers are in right AD site but the VIP in each site are in different AD site or no site defined subnet.

Should VIP subnet need to be in same AD site with corresponding Exchange2010 servers?
If VIPs are kept in non-relevant subnet, what issues are expected?
Do we have any official MS guidelines for these kind of configuration?

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I had the same thought awhile back when an exchange server was deployed with a situation like yours, where the VIP of the load balancer was in a different subnet.

I've not had any problems with it though.

I've configured the VIP DNS 'A' record to match the name of the client access array internally. As long as the URLs are configured on the servers in that site to use the VIP A record in the same site you will be OK.
kimakabaneAuthor Commented:
Thanks MM,
Great to know you had same cae.
Could you explain detail of "record to match the name of cas arry internally" ?

The VIP IP you have been given: say

Your Internal CAS Array is named: serv10cas01.domain.local

DNS should be: serv10cas01.domain.local -

That way, when users connect to a database with the RPCClientAccessArray set to serv10cas01.domain.local, it will be pointed to the load balancer to balance the connections to the CAS servers.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
@ MarkMichael - your answer is wrong on so many levels.

If you are using a load balancer then you should be using an RPC CAS Array, not the real name of the server.
Changing the DNS entry for the server's real name isn't going to work, because that will confuse AD and the server will correct the DNS entry next time the server is rebooted or when DNS name is next registered.

Where the load balancer is shouldn't matter because the client will look at where the mailbox is located and read the information from the mailbox database.

I realised after I said about the URLs, and corrected myself in the later reply.

Although I have NOT said to change dns entries for servers? I've said exactly what you mentioned above.

EDIT: I think since I used the example cas array name of: serv10cas01, you may be getting confused, i dont mean it to represent a server. perhaps I should have just named it casarray.domain.local
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