Internet explorer security settings

Firstly, windows 7 machines with mixture of IE10 and IE9.

machines have been having problems with scripts not running at login, exe files not allowed to run, some documents not allowed to be opened and now a lot of internet sites will not open or say that the machine does have java or flash installed.

these errors all come with an internet security warning stating that the settings do not allow these files to be run/accessed. PROBLEM: internet security settings are set to HIGH.

if I reset internet explorer back to defaults everything works, unfortunately after a reboot or the next user logs in or even after a couple of hours of the machine being on the settings revert back to HIGH instead of Medium-High.

nothing is set in any GPO that could affect this setting and it has only started happening over the past week.

Anybody have any idea what's causing this to happen? I can only assume it must be an update from Microsoft but which one?
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PEbuilderConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
installed IE11 and MS's latest round of updates and the problem has stopped.

resetting IE10 security to default does now stop the problem.
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
What do you have set for UAC?

Take a look try disable it see if that helps.
PEbuilder --
Run System Restore to a date before the problems started.

I suggest you also scan for viruses and malware.
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PEbuilderAuthor Commented:

I did have UAC disabled on all machines but the implementation of a new windows 8 laptop (with touchscreen) I had to re-enable it again as windows 8 can't function with UAC disabled.

i'll move the laptop to another OU and reset disable UAC again and see how we go.
I wrote a blog post that's basically a tutorial on cleaning up your machine and scanning for viruses and spyware.  I would go through it and do everything in there, based on what you're describing:

Let me know if that does the trick for you.

Chris M.
PEbuilderAuthor Commented:

first thing I did was to run Malwarebytes to check for anything on one of the affected computers, a quick scan revealed nothing.

I have just completed a full scan with malwarebytes and that again has revealed nothing.
ComboFix has just been run, not sure if it has or hasn't picked anything up but I have attached the completion log.
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:

can you post your script?

What anti virus firewall software you using?

try running msconfig

in services tab  hide all Microsoft services then disable all others
in startup tab disable all

restart what happens
PEbuilderAuthor Commented:

the script I use is KIXTART, the actual script itself runs fine but the interference from the internet security settings prevents the main .exe (kix32.exe) from running.

Antivirus package is Sophos main control on one of our servers and it pushes updates down to the computers as they login and again at set intervals during the day.

Pretty sure this is down to an update, I have now installed and patched 6 machines (including installing IE11) and the problem stops.
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:

It has been a long time since I used kixtart

Not sure about an update causing this.

If that is the case then do a system restore point back to  a know good point.

Internet security settings will not stop an application like kix32.exe to stop running.

Where is this file located? check the permissions on that folder
PEbuilderAuthor Commented:
now that's what I would've thought, how could IE affect that app?

I had one machine where the script didn't run so I decided to run it manually, I copied over the path to the script and as soon as I started to run up popped an internet security warning telling me files of that nature cannot be run.

checking the IE security settings they were on HIGH, dropped them to default level tried the script again and it ran perfectly.

really, really weird error.
I have to slightly disagree.  IE can in fact stop stuff from running.  I see it more often on servers than desktops.  Take a look and see if "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security" or something like that is installed.  It will do a lot of what you're describing.
" I can only assume it must be an update from Microsoft but which one? "
That can be tested by uninstalling all updates installed just before this problem started.  Does the problem go away?  If so reinstall updates one by one until you find the one causing the problem.
You can uninstall updates from Control Panel|Programs and Features|View Installed Updates (top left).  Click on a given update and you will be offered Uninstall.
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
This is the problem with third party apps calling home.
They need to check for updates etc so they need to access the web that's when IE will block them.

If you create your self a simple login script just using command line prompts for you mapping etc.  The problem will go away.

Running Kix or any other third party application in a login / startup script will have issues like this.
PEbuilderAuthor Commented:
updating to IE11 and all MS updates is the only solution
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