Integrated webinar invitations within Google Apps - gmail and calendar?

When I was using Outlook, in my previous job, it was easy to setup and invite people to webinars. I miss that integration.

In my new job, I have to use the cumbersome GotoMeeting windows program which is 1/2 web based and 1/2 windows app. Once the meeting is created, it attempts to open Outlook (not configured nor used on my computer) to send out invites.

Is there an integrated webinar solution that will allow me to create a meeting and send out webinar invites entirely within Google's calendar? It doesn't have to be with GotoMeeting but the solution should be competitive to GotoMeeting's prices (or free  :-)) and offer all the features that GotoMeeting offers.

Thank you.
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAsked:
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Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
Yes.  Use Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestions. I'll look into them and respond later today.
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Thank you to everyone. GLComputing... the link is perfect!
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