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Dell Laptop screen is Black

I have a Dell Studio 1555 and my laptop screen has been going black, and sometimes it displays stripes of different colors sometimes and other times it comes on but does not show an image. Anyone with any suggestion as to what this might be?
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Ram Balachandran
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You might need to replace Display Panel for the laptop. If the laptop is under warrenty contact Dell else, contact a local service provider
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it can also be caused by the video card
you can try cleaning the laptop from dust -  or even re-apply new heatpaste (it can be overheating)
install speedfan to monitor the temperatiures :
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Currently, it is actually booting up to the logon screen, and sometime it seems as if it is fine, so I don’t think it’s the screen but then sometime along the way it finally goes dark and then if I leave it on for a while it gets a lot of colored lines on it. I believe that it is the video card. I don’t know if it is the driver or getting too hot.

If I clean it should I remove the case? Any direction to re-apply new heatpaste on a laptop?
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I am sure it is not the screen. What is my next step?
>>  I am sure it is not the screen  <<   not to contradict you, but how do you know?
next steps i posted in my first post; that's why i also poste the manual
Thanks for the manual, I beleive this may help.