Adobe Acrobat Standard 11 - Can't edit text - Adobe has encountered an unknown error

Having an issue with Adobe Acrobat Standard 11. Trying to use the Edit Text tool to adjust some text and every time I click it an error pops up saying Acrobat encounted an unknown error.

I've repaired the install, updated to the latest patch of 11.0.5, and made sure reader wasn't on the computer too.

What am I missing?
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AlexiosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Print a PDF to the Adobe PDF printer, and then edit the new file as before.

It occurs again?

Are you getting the same error for other documents as well or is this the only one?
telstar_Author Commented:
Others as well.
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telstar_Author Commented:
That fixed it. Not sure what the heck it changed but now all of them are working. Weird. Thanks for your help.
Glad to help
S SnakCommented:
Thank you Mr. Alexios. Done!
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